9/11/14 – These Men in uniform deserve recognition so please share this heartwarming story and, if at all possible, make a donation for surgery. We have named her “Joy”

Last night (9/9/14) these two Michigan State Troopers responded to a call from a good Samaritan about a dog (pit bull mix) hit by a car. It was very dark, the dog was scared, lost, hurt, panicked, and severely injured. The good Samaritan waited for the officers to respond and when they did, the man said, “Please, you’re not going to shoot her are you?”. The officers told him they wouldn’t shoot her and they didn’t. Instead they immediately started trying to network to try and find her help.

At about 9:00 pm a call came into the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center, an after-hours emergency veterinary, an officer was asking if we could help this “beautiful adult Pit Bull” that they witnessed struggling to walk after being hit by a car in high speed traffic on a highway. They described how she was trying to get up and walk but she just kept falling down over and over again.

The officer was told that “4 Paws 1 Heart” was willing to take on financial responsibility for whatever medical care she needed, and If an owner couldn’t be found, the officers were willing to help with placement.

When the officers arrived they came to the door asking for a stretcher to remove her from the back of their truck. We wheeled it outside and positioned it against the back of the police truck, but instead of going on the gurney, this sweet dog much preferred to be carried in the arms of Officer Casey. So, that is what he did — carried her in.
She was in shock and in pain but she was giving kisses and wagging her tail in tiny little bits.

We immediately took radiographs of her rear legs because she was having trouble walking especially on her right rear leg. We started her on IV fluids, pain medication, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, and, as we tried to stabilize her, the troopers waited in the lobby for a brief prognosis. All I can say to that is “WOW”.

Here is the situation. She has a fracture in the center of her Tibia bone and she can hardly walk. Plus, she possibly has 3 fractures in her pelvis. We don’t have an owner, but we do have an extremely sweet dog in pain with really bad injuries. She needs an orthopedic specialist which could cost thousands. This girl does not have a mean bone in her body. We can not afford a $5,000 + surgery.

Tonight, 24 hours later (9/10/14)…

We have checked her for heart worm and she was negative. We did a full blood panel and it was ok with the exception of high liver enzymes from internal trauma. We have continued her on a constant IV drip of pain medication due her pelvic fractures and fractured rear leg. We have her on anti-nausea medication, antacid medication, anti-inflammatory medication, fluids, and antibiotics. We will continue to provide whatever she needs.

These officers deserve credit for having compassion. Their reaction to this individual situation was an example of what we expect and how a life, every life, should be treated without prejudice of breed. They treated this Pit Bull with compassion, care, and delicacy.

Way too often an officer will unknowingly shoot an injured dog because they don’t realize that they CAN be saved. They don’t try to find a way or understand that an injury isn’t a death sentence. Injuries can be treated in animals just like human injuries can be treated.

Animals have a huge tolerance for survival and should always be given that chance.

This beautiful girl whom we are calling “Joy” is an example of strength, beauty, and survival. If you would like to help us provide to her what she needs please donate today. ~ gina

JoyandMichiganState Troopers9:9:14JoyandMichiganStateTroopers9:9:14*
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