Be Part of the Solution — Not Part of the Problem — Spay and Neuter

Joanne contacted 4p1h about a colony of cats and kittens behind a market in Shelby Twp. people have been feeding them but they are in pretty bad shape. One kitten appeared to have been injured and the back two legs were dragging behind him. Gina immediately asked Joanne to get the kitten into emergency. Unfortunately, the baby had been seriously injured and the legs were paralyzed, he also had internal injuries, along with many other issues. Unfortunately he could not be saved. But, the positive news is that three great individual rescuers who 4p1h has assisted on many occasions went out late today to start trapping/rescuing. I also want to add that our good friends atFerndale Cat Shelter will also be assisting on this project. Here is the update on tonights’s activities.

5 kittens were rescued tonight. 2 are 8 weeks old and 4p1h will pay for them to be vetted, vaccinated and dewormed (their little bellies are bulging so they are probably filled with worms) tomorrow morning; when they are ready, spayed. They will be fostered by one of the rescuers. A 10 week old, will be assessed by one of the 3 rescuers who went out there. She’ll determine whether this kitten is feral or not. Right now it’s looking positive for potential adoption. The final two are truly feral and they will be fixed and returned to be cared for by someone who is caring for the colony. ~ diana

Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for getting out to the Hollywood Market in Shelby Twp. as fast as you did to help out a paralyzed kitten. At least that baby isn’t suffering anymore and knew the soft and kind side of humans before he left us, I am so thankful for kind people like you who care about ALL living creatures. Thanksagain, keep me posted on the situation with all the other wild cats and kittens behind Hollywood, I hope the kittens can be caught and know human kindness before they are feral. I will remember you all when I have extra money for a donation, something I will do before xmas.

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