Gilly (aka Daisy) Lived With Many Cats – Has a Home to Call Her Own


I am delighted to say Daisy (now known as Gilly)has found a fabulous new home with her new Mama Kathy Nuccii and her Hubby….and not to forget puppy Bilbo.

Thank you Kathy for opening up your heart and your home to this precision soul. I fell hard for Daisy – but I know in my heart they are a purr-fect fit. I am now overly excited for them to start their new life together. Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for providing the funds for Gilly and her siblings to be fixed and vetted at Rescue Veterinary Services .

Kathy found Daisy on 4 Paw 1 Heart Petfinder page – linked here.

Some of Gilly’s siblings are still available. Go look …..are you any of their furr-ever home???

Side note- I think I’m going to rename Petfinder to Friendfinder….because I think I found a forever friend in Kathy. Thank you Kathy for crying with me!!!


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