HAZEL – 8 Weeks Old and Needed Heart Surgery

10/23/14  We were contacted about a beautiful 8-week old kitten whose rescuer needed help. The rescuer started a fundraising page on facebook and was able to gather some dollars and 4 Paws 1 Heart is working with her on the rest. Here is Hazel’s story. BTW, Hazel came through her surgery this afternoon and the doctor’s prognosis is that Hazel will have a long life ahead of her. Here was Dawn’s request for assistance ~ diana

“I recently rescued a litter (3) of kittens when they were abandoned by their mother. Hazel the female was just diagnosed with a rare heart condition and requires surgery. She is in heart failure now. They are 8 weeks old and have had a rough start. I have given them their furever home but I hate to see little Hazel suffer. I have obtained the medications necessary to help her feel better but she will most likely die without the surgery. Right now I can not get a surgeon to operate on her until I get her back in good enough health and maybe a little bit bigger. The cardiologist tells me that this condition is very rare and that she has only seen 2 other cases of this in her 25 years practicing medicine.”dawnschaefer

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