Locked in a Garage – Found with an Empty Bag of Food and No Water

10/2/14 – Happy Lunch Hour! Unfortunately, we have been notified of another sweet and loyal pet left behind. Although we are not into drama and judgement, let me just say that whoever did this to this poor baby, deserves the same–threefold. This little guy was found, 1 WEEK LATER, locked in a garage after the renters left the property. The homeowner found an empty water (?) bowl and an empty bag of cat food. The homeowner let the cat out and he’s been fed by the neighbors since. The little guy is scared and keeps trying to get back into the house where he used to live. He is still outside making his home on the window ledge. If anyone can take him in as a foster or adopter, please contact Jo at [email protected]; he has been named Elvis. 4 Paws 1 Heart will be happy to have him vetted and neutered. ~ diana   10/2/14 Update:  Elvis is now with a foster.lockecingarage10:2:14 lockecingarage10:2:14

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