10/14/14 – Rest in peace sweet puppy… Yesterday 4 paws 1 heart received a plea for help regarding this puppy who was very sick. This very nice family rescued him 2 days ago, and suddenly he went downhill fast. They were not prepared to take on this very sick puppy, but they were trying to save him and they did not want to see him suffer. They surrendered him to us, but he was so sick he couldn’t be helped. We ran some diagnostic testing and discovered he was in liver and kidney failure. He was only 8 weeks old. His skin was yellow, his gums yellow, and he had straight blood coming from his rear. Humane euthanasia helped prevent this puppy from further suffering. There are so many puppies in shelters that get put down every day because there are not enough homes. Please spay or neuter your pet to prevent pregnancies. Help decrease the population of unwanted animals. To many puppies and kittens die every day as a result of virus and illnesses. So before you buy that special breed.. Prevention, prevention, prevention… It hurts my heart to have to put down babies, so if I can get one person here to listen and encourage another person to spay or neuter…. ginaRIP Puppy 10:14:14

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