Dezi – Helping Each Other

2/21/15 – We are very happy to be a part of the Village who helped with Dezi’s medical bills. This is what 4 Paws 1 Heart is all about — Reducing the number of homeless animals by funding medical treatment so that they will be adoptable. Thank You, Gabes Gang for rescuing her and for taking on so many touch cases. ~ diana

Yesterday, I was reminded why this gang, why each of you mean so much to me. Dezi went to the most amazing forever home with Lloyd and Janet.
Now, if you’ve read posts about Dezi in the past, you know how special she is to me (and to Tim and Karen). I woke up yesterday expecting to cry and feel such a sadness. I mean, we rescued Dezi a few months ago after she was left tied to a tire in a garage after her previous family was evicted from their house. She had tumors, a mouth full of rotten teeth, ear infections, hadn’t been spayed. When I picked her up from the shelter, she wagged her tail and looked at me as if to say “I’ve been waiting for you.”
We took her to the vet right away, got the surgery she needed, 19 teeth removed, the infections cleared up and after a while (and a visit to the emergency clinic) you could tell Dezi finally felt well.
And she was feeling such love from fosters Tim and Karen, from me, from all of you who wished her well and supported her care with you prayers, funds and well wishes.
She is simply the sweetest girl and most grateful girl imaginable. I love her. Truly.
Yesterday, I expected to cry.
But I didn’t. Instead I talked with two loving and compassionate and amazing people, Lloyd and Janet. We watched Dezi settle in on the couch next to Janet and cuddle. We watched her check out the backyard and her brother, Knox.
It was perfect. I firmly believe the steps to yesterday were guided by God. Dezi will live the rest of her days in a home filled with love for her and one that will care for her every need.
I expected to cry yesterday. I didn’t.
But this morning, typing this post. I’m in tears.
Not because I’m sad, but rather because I’m so happy for this special girl, Dezi.
I’m understanding on my journey with Gabe’s Gang that this whole thing is about dogs like Dezi’s journey. It’s about playing my part, our part, in this journey of theirs, and it’s about making sure their journey leads to love and happiness and wagging tails.

Love & Licks,
John, Gabe and the Gang.

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