Hope – Update – Her Infection Was So Serious, She Took Months to Recover and Still Lost Her Eye

4/14/16 – Hope Update. I know the photos are a little unsettling but most people don’t know the seriousness of upper respiratory infections and the suffering that can be inflicted on poor innocent animals who get dumped or lost. (photos are from when Hope was first found and now after she had her eye removed).

It was right around Christmas, 2015 when Hope was rescued from a farm with over 50 cats. She was very, very sick with an upper respiratory infection and very emaciated. We really didn’t think she would make it. She was taken in by a great foster but, after several vet visits, Hope just couldn’t get better. Another good friend to 4 Paws 1 Heart and a foster for Tigerlily Cat Rescue stepped up and offered to foster Hope for Tigerlily. We committed to Hope’s medical and Andrea and Tigerlily committed to Hope’s recovery and adoption. Finally, after almost 4 months, Hope was well enough to have the eye removed. As we’ve seen from the many cases we have helped with, Hope will recover and eventually won’t even realize that she has only one eye. Please continue your prayers and positive thoughts for this sweetheart. Without your donations and prayers, we could not give these babies a second chance of life. ~ dianaHope update 4:14:17


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