BOOMER – Found Zipped Up in a Small Cat Carrier Soaked in His Own Urine

12/15/21 – Meet Boomer (also known as Boomerang). He was found in Detroit, zipped up in a small cat carrier soaked in his own urine with a bone. He had urine burns which have been cleared up since he was rescued. He is having issues walking and seems to possibly have an old break, or a deformity from birth, or possibly injured by being kept for an unknown time in too small of a crate. He has an appointment at one of the best vets in the area to have his urine-burned skin examined and his leg. The finder says she “will do what she can to help this baby!” His rescuer, Chelseaa, tells us that he’s the “sweetest ever” and has been opening up more knowing he is safe and can actually stretch his legs out! We will provide an update when we get it. Prayers that Boomer’s damage is temporary. – donations give those who had no one, get a second chance at life.

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