Cosmo and Celine (Cece) – Both Born in the Bushes ; One Was Easily Rescued and the Other Went for a Long Car Ride Under the Hood of a Car

Meet Cosmo and Celine. A very sweet woman came into the hospital after rescuing them. I couldn’t help but offer her help from 4 paws 1 heart. Dr. Henry, from Moore Veterinary Hospital gave them both a check up, first vaccines, and bloodwork yesterday. Here is their story as told by their rescuer:

“Cosmo & Cece were born in the beginning of October to a very feral (and young) mom who already had a litter of 4 kittens in June. (3 of the 4 unfortunately fell prey to hawks/traffic accidents). I have been feeding mom all summer, so it’s no wonder she decided to have her kittens under the bushes in front of my house! We had a TNR appt scheduled for her on July 28 and unfortunately she was nowhere to be found in the days leading up to her spay. (I imagine she was out getting pregnant again!).Towards the end of October when the weather began to drop into the 30s/40s and the kittens were about 3-4 weeks old, i noticed one morning that Mom moved her kittens but left one (Cece, black kitten) behind for several hours in the cold and rain. Having had lots of experience bottle feeding kittens, we scooped her up and fostered her in order to begin socializing her. Not even a week later, I was on my way to work downtown when I heard meowing coming from my car. I got to work, looked under the hood, didn’t see or hear anything, so I went about my work day. A couple of hours later, I returned to my car only to hear meowing again! After a few more minutes of searching under the hood, I found little Cosmo & plucked him out. He was very happy to be reunited with his sister! We spent the next couple of weeks trying to find where their mom stashed her other 2 kittens, but unfortunately have not seen them since the beginning of October despite their mom coming by for meals daily. (I can’t stress enough how important TNR is!) It’s been several weeks, Cosmo & Cece are now socialized & have been a wonderful (and fun!) addition to our home! As much as we’d like to keep them, we’ve got a house full of pets already and are excited to adopt them out to other families who are excited to enjoy their silly kitten antics!”

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