DEUCE – Found in a Corn Field with a Broken Leg

2/20/21 – Once again we were happy to be able to help our good friends, Streethearts Animal Rescue, who are always there for the abandoned and abused in the Flint, MI area. This is Deuce.He was found in a corn field in July with a broken leg that was not a fresh break. The rescue believes he was dumped there. He was only 4 months old at that time. Deuce did have surgery to repair the break and the bill was just received. We offered to pay for it in that the rescue has their hands full with another serious case. The rescue reports that Deuce is the sweetest but he’s very timid. He has fear of new people so finding him a new home has been difficult. His leg is not “100%” and he has a limp after he has been laying down for a while. He is so handsome and reminds me so much of our Hercules and another dog we helped quite a few years ago name “Dig Dugg”. If anyone is interested in opening their heart and home to Deuce, please contact Streethearts Animal Rescue. –

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