FRANNY – Found in Abandoned Building

“This little girl Franny was found 2 weeks ago hanging out in an abandoned building on the east side. I couldn’t get Rescue help right away so I took her on myself. I had her shots done and she was spayed. Now she’s getting this episode where she literally almost dies then comes right back to life. Today is my third vet visit. I have spent $1600 of my own trying to save her. (I do not have $ like this to spend.) She will faint, her gums go white, she becomes incoherent, blood pressure and temp drop…it’s so scary. I was at the ER last night and we didn’t think she was going to make it. She pulled through but had another episode today. She is now admitted at wilsons and has been diagnosed with Vasovagal. This is where something triggers a nerve and it shuts off all oxygen to her brain. I feel traumatized from watching this dog almost die twice now. I’m hoping to save her! I am getting a little bit of donations but the vet bill is up to $1865. I put $680 of my own money down but now I’m officially poor. Can you help?”

Tasha was also tagged in a posting Tasha did on fb. When I read this, I knew for sure this could be a costly undertaking, which quite frankly we could not afford for one animal, and I was also unsure whether Franny had any hope. Consequently, I sent the information to one of our most knowledgable doctors for her opinion. She agreed that a consultation with a cardiologist where a monitor could be placed on Franny for a couple of days would be the best next step. Depending on the results, Franny could actually be helped with medication. In that Tasha was able to get donations to assist with the Wilson’s bill, I offered to help with the cardiologist. Franny saw the cardiologist on Wednesday and was put on a monitor and her rescuer was advised to keep her calm over the next two days. Today she returns to the cardiologist for results. Please say a little prayer for this very sweet 2 year old. I will update when I hear from Tasha. –

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