MITTENS – She Had Been on the Streets for 4 Years and Now She was Running Into Things

1/5/22 – Mittens was rescued one year ago when she was found very sick on someone’s porch. The homeowner advised that she had been roaming the area for at least 4 years. Mittens has been in foster doing well by not yet adopted for one year and on December 17 I received a message from her rescuer/foster that Mittens was not acting normally, running into things, and not eating although she was usually a “chow hound”. Thankfully, we were able to get Mittens into Orion Animal Hospital with one of the best, Dr. Zalac. Blood work was done. On December 18, the rescuer reported that poor little Mittens was found with her head in the toilet bowl plunger holder (thankfully it was new). From the blood work, Dr. Zalac reported that Mittens might have one of 3 different issues — toxoplasmosis, FIP, or a brain tumor. Dr. Zalac decided to start treatment for toxoplasmosis and said that her sight would return if that was the issue. Mittens was given two syringes of food and also got an appetite stimulant and was scheduled for a re-check. On January 3, I contacted the rescuer to find out how Mittens was doing and was advised that Mittens is doing great, her vision has returned and she will be seeing Dr. Zalac again next week. She is still on her meds which seems to have done the trick. Here are some photos of Mittens when she was sick and when she was first found. If anyone is interested in this sweet girl, please contact Kim at: [email protected] –

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