NOEL – Found With a Prolapsed Rectum; Had Surgery; Found Prolapsed Again

12/8/21 – Continued prayers for Noel. This poor baby who had surgery last week for a severe prolapsed rectum woke up this morning and her rectum had prolapsed again. Her rescuer, Kim, who tried for at least 3 months to catch this poor girl, immediately took her back to our veterinarian and here is Kim’s report:”The prolapse rectum was tacked up in there with a purse string which was removed this past Monday. The doctor did the surgery again today. This time the purse string will be left in longer–at least 2 weeks. If this doesn’t work there’s 1 more surgery the doctor can try. I feel so bad for Noel and who knows how many months she was actually out there like this. I know it was just days short of 3 months that I was trying to get her. – Kim”As an added note, our doctor is not charging for the repeat surgery and I add this so that our supporters know how amazing our dedicated doctors and their staffs are to the stray, abandoned, and abused. –

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