ONYX – Found With an Injured Tail and a Swollen Lymph Node

10/26/21 – Onyx – He’s a black stray that was hanging around the rescuer’s house a few months back. Eventually, just a couple weeks ago, the rescuer was able to get him inside. However, he noticed that he had injured his tail from a fall or a possible attack. Sometimes it would bleed or appear infected. Onyx didn’t always seem bothered or in pain by it but would still lick it often. Now, the underside is discolored, and the bone appears to be sticking out. The rescuer has noticed blood on the floor since he was able to get him in the house and contacted us for help.Yesterday Onyx was able to see one of our partner vets who noticed that Onyx had developed a swollen area on his right cheek which turned out to be a swollen lymph node that will be drained. Onyx was kept overnight and is having surgery today. Prayers for this very sweet guy who will no longer be running the streets. – Diana.4paws1heart.org/donations/Your donations save lives!!

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