2/22/22- Bear was found in an abandoned home. He had an injured leg and was taken to a vet as soon as he was rescued and was vaccinated and examined. He was x-rayed, received an anti-biotic injection, a rabies injection, sub-q fluids and an anti-inflammatory injection and we were told he had a cruciate ligament and patella injury. He was given inflammatory medication to take home but after two weeks was not doing any better. We then made arrangements for him to see Dr. Zalac at Orion Animal Hospital. He had his surgery with Dr. Zalac on February 14 and spent the night at the hospital. Dr. Zalac said it wasn’t as bad as she expected once she opened up his knee. The ligaments were “stretched”, not torn. She expects him to heal quickly. He has a follow up appointment in 2 weeks, on March 1 and the doctor wants him to be walking by then and if he is not, then she will show his rescuer exercises to rehabilitate him. Bear also has a potential new home. Thank YOU to our many supporters who help us give these orphans a second chance at life. – diana.

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