BOBBI – Sees a Neurological Consultant

Here is the update on Bobbi from her neuro consult today at Dogwood Veterinary Referral Center. After Dr. Galle did his examination of Bobbi and going over the reports from both OVRS and Dr. Z and speaking with Auntie Marjorie his feeling is Bobbi’s symptoms are more in line with Peripheral Vestibular Disease then a stroke, brain tumor, brain inflammation or cancer. Peripheral Vestibular Disease is usually caused by ear or inner ear infection and comes on very suddenly, which is what happened with Bobbi. In rare cases it can be caused by a tumor in the vestibular system. In most cases the cat will make a full, or near full recovery over time. In some cases they recover to a point of being functional like Bobbi is now, but no more jumping high or swinging from the chandeliers! So for now, it’s a wait and see for another 3 weeks. Bobbi has been off her steroids for 1wk so we shall see how she does over the next 3. If she makes any improvement or basically stays the same, then the vestibular disease will be the assumed diagnosis. If for any reason she starts to decline then more diagnostics will be needed such as a MRI and Spinal Tap. So that’s where we are with Bobbi right now. So please continue to keep Bobbi in your prayers that there in no decline and she continues to improve. Big thank you to 4 Paws 1 Heart for continuing to back Bobbi’s medical ❤️ if you would like to donate towards Bobbi’s medical 🐾🐾

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