ROXY – Rescued From a ‘Backyard Breeder’, Surrendered With 7 Puppies

2/19/22 – This is Roxy. Her rescuer was able to get her surrendered from a backyard breeder because he thought something was wrong with her. She was surrendered with 7 puppies, and the breeder was ‘right’ because all 7 puppies eventually died. The rescuer believes that Roxy had a ‘backyard’ c-section too soon and that the babies died from being taken too early. Roxy had been passed around like trash, being forced to breed, and kept in a cage. Roxy is fearful of all things new. After much work and patience, she just started enjoying treats and has found a love for french fries. She has found a close friend in Tinkerbell and they enjoy snuggling. From so many years being kept in a cage, Roxy tends to sleep sitting up with her tongue out. Little by little Roxy is finding comfort in her surroundings and is learning she is safe and loved.Editorial: It’s easy for most of us to sit back and condemn these situations and demand justice for these tortured animals. But as long as there is a demand for certain breeds or money to be made, this torture will continue. And, please, do not think that this is just a ‘big city/urban’ issue. Some of the worst breeders are among people we would least suspect. And, as a side note, I have learned that all of Tinkerbell’s puppies have found furever, loving homes. – diana.

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