Zora, Griffin, Selena, Tiffine, Courtney, Grey, Sally, Tom and Stormy – Off the Streets With All Medical Covered

1/27/22 – Although these are not current cases, I feel compelled to at least put their faces out there so our supporters know the many animals we have assisted during the pandemic. All of the cats shown have been rescued from the streets, most of whom turned out to be very adoptable and domesticated. During the pandemic many people lost their jobs, their homes, and, sadly, their lives and many animals (especially cats) were left behind to fend for themselves. Here are some of the many we’ve helped with vaccines, testing, vaccinating, and addressing other medical issues as needed, such as upper respiratory infections, fleas, ticks, and mites. I present: Zora, Griffin, Selena, Tiffine and her family, Courtney, Grey, Sally, Tom, and Stormy. – diana.4paws1heart.org/donations/

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