BROWNIE – Inured in a Dog Fight and Then Tested Positive for Heart Worm

4/4/22 – Brownie, another dog injured in a dog fight. His owner surrendered him and we authorized treatment for his wounds as well as the usual vetting — vaccines, heart worm test, neuter, flea/parasite treatment, Brownie’s neck wounds were pretty extensive and infected and were treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, in the process of his exam and treatment, he was found positive for heart worm. Consequently, we also started him on his 30 day pre-injection treatment and when that is complete he will complete his heart worm treatment and hopefully move on to a loving, furever home. Thank YOU to Shelley E. for contacting us and finding a foster and thank you to Susan who is fostering him at this time. The vet staff reported that Brownie loved the office cat and gave kisses to everyone (even during the exam). Shelley said that his smile is contagious and that he’s a real heartbreaker. Without your donations and attendance at our fundraisers, we could never help with the many injured and sick animals rescued from very bad situations. Thank YOU – diana.

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