Cats and Dog in Need – 10 Cats and 1 Dog Found in a Very Difficult Situation

3/15/22 – No Judgement Please. The cats you will see in the next post were taken from this home. A very difficult and dangerous situation for which most of us can’t understand. But, the reality is that life can get away from us and although our hearts are big, our mental/physical abilities may be limited. I just want to say that I’m grateful every day for the amazing people who will step up to not only help the human involved but the many animals they thought they were helping. 10 cats and 1 dog were rescued in this situation and 4 paws 1 heart will be there for whatever is needed. So far, 8 cats have been brought to fosters and it is important to note that all but one had been spayed/neutered and vaccinated at one time. For the most part they just needed vaccine boosters, exams, and treatment for some skin issues. If anything unexpected is needed, we will be there. –

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