5/27/22 – MILO UPDATE

This is what it’s all about..♡ A letter I received yesterday..


I just wanted to say thank you to you, the staff and to 4 Paws 1 Heart foundation for taking care of Milo and covering his vet bills. It is greatly appreciated.

By posting Milo on the 4 Paws 1 Heart web-sight Milo is now in a forever home. As hard as it was to give him up I know he will be well taken care of by his new adopted family.

They sent me a text message letting me know how things where going. Their cat Ollie has welcomed Milo into his home. They are getting to know each other. There was been no fighting or hissing going on, which is a good. We were able to let Milo out of his cage when we were there. He walked the place, used the scratching post, played with toys and went looking for food and water.

She invited us to come and see how Milo is doing. She saw how hard it was for me and especially my youngest son Scott having to leave Milo at his new family. Scott kept saying I don’t know if I’m comfortable letting Milo stay here but he finally said ok. What made it even hard was when we left Milo was at the screen door watching us leave without him. Which brought tears to our eyes.

We all miss him here.

Thank you


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