12/5/22 – An update on Nova’s puppies (see earlier posts and/or our website). I’m very sad to report that BOGO passed away two days after our dear friend, Emily K., took on the formidable task of saving her. She just wasn’t strong enough and her very large cleft palate was too much for her to contend with when trying to eat. Both BOGO and Doorbuster had painful bellies and bad diarrhea. Dr. Zalac, who Emily has been in close contact with and who has seen the mom and babies, believes they have/had adenovirus (infectious hepatitis). The good news is that Doorbuster has turned the corner. The diarrhea has stopped and he finally took a bottle yesterday. He is gaining great weight and Emily reports that “Buster is a little Piggy”. The last photo of Buster was sent to me yesterday, he looks like one of those milk commercials. – diana.

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