12/14/22 – We now have been asked to help another ‘Rocky’ — also with heart worm+++. And, because of your donations, we are able to help. We are calling him Rocky 2 and here is his story as reported by his rescuer:

“I found a severely injured dog on the side of the road almost three weeks ago. He has severe injuries to all four legs, head, ears, throat, etc… He appears to have been a bait dog. He was crying. For the first several days I’ve been having him treated at Five Mile Animal Hospital. Another lady was giving me penicillin shots for him also to help. He’s been healing up but now they found a fracture in his leg that will require surgery. Are you able to help with this? He’s very sweet. The vet doesn’t have an x-ray but you could feel the fracture and it’s swollen. He’s heart worm positive and he has pain meds and antibiotics. He’s starting heart guard today. I named him Rocky. He’s a blue pit bull around three years old. – Elizabeth”

Our friend at Five Mile Animal Hospital suggested Elizabeth contact us and now Rocky has an appointment at Orion Animal Hospital. There he will get x rays to determine the severity of his heart worm and to determine what will be needed for the fracture in his leg. He will also be neutered and receive any vaccines needed as I’m not sure how much Five Mile was able to do. I’m thankful to the veterinary staffs who are willing to work together to do what is best for the animal in need and of course those good Samaritans who see an animal in distress and don’t turn their backs. Rocky’s appointment is December 19 or sooner if there is a cancellation. Prayers that Rocky’s future will be so much better than his past and that he will be able to live a long life knowing love.

The Detroit News Cheer for Charity ends this Friday, December 16 at 11:59 a.m. Currently we are in the lead but that can change in a moment. Consider giving that special someone who has everything the Gift of Life — just like the life we are all giving back to Rocky. – diana

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Muffins’ and Darla playing.. Her spay surgery is this morning. Paws crossed for a smooth surgery and recovery. Gina

My foster kitten is getting bigger and braver.. She and Darla play like little kids running around the house with the zoomies.. She still sneezes all day every day with nasal discharge and she gets tired fast, but that hasn’t stopped her. Tomorrow she is scheduled for her spay surgery and Jan 18th we go for our consultation with internal medicine at Michigan State. 4 Paws 1 Heart has been covering all of her medical needs. Please consider donating to our contest that ends on Friday. You donation will save a life.

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12/14/22 – Woodie (found in pile of wood) and Luna both stray kittens helped by 4 paws 1 heart.

Woodie had a very rare mite called “walking dandruff ” but he is now treated, happy and healthy. Both babies were tested, vaccinated, and are ready for a furever home. Please message [email protected] for more information on adoption. Gina

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