2/20/23 – It was just after Christmas when I was contacted about a very sweet cat who had been hanging around a nursing home in Detroit. The staff had been feeding the cat but then the management said they could not longer feed her because the food was “attracting rodents”. Deb, Sweet Pea’s rescuer, was concerned because Sweet Pea had been use to being fed. Although Deb had a 17 year old cat of her own, she took the cat and brought her to a vet to be examined. The vet said she was healthy and vaccinated and dewormed her. Deb then contacted us to see if we would help with paying for Sweet Pea to be spayed and with placement. Deb said that she hade never met a sweeter cat. During the entire drive from Detroit to Bloomfield Hills, Sweet Pea just laid on her lap–she just loves to be loved. I authorized Sweet Pea’s spay and FIV/FelV test at Orion Animal Hospital and, lo and behold, the doctor advised that Sweet Pea was pregnant!! The doctor thinks she may have 2 or 3 kittens. So, now we wait. We are committed to Sweet Pea and her kittens and we are all praying that the kittens are not aborted and are born healthy. There is a concern that the kittens could be harmed because Sweet Pea had been vaccinated and dewormed during her first vet visit before we were contacted. But, happily, very lovable Sweet Pea is safe in a home awaiting the birth of her babies and Deb will keep me updated. – diana.

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Hey there Team, mom here!

So we’re still waiting for the final report on Chances mri but here is one of the images. If you look where the green arrow is pointing you can see how severe the narrowing is in his spinal canal and the compression to his spinal cord. Now that we know that Chances condition is not going to improve we have to move forward with what’s going to improve all of our quality of life. This week while I am home I’m trying out different options for diapering. He won’t wear them to bed or all the time as I want his skin to be able to breathe. The most important considerations is his skin health that he stay clean and dry. I’m washing him thoroughly 2xday and completely drying him and then also using prescription medicated powder to help absorb any moisture and keep him from getting dermatitis. We also have twice a month hygiene grooming all set up with 2 of his fave vet techs already to keep all his “bits & pieces” shaved completely down to aid in keeping him clean and dry. Neither of us want me shaving his “delicate areas”, hes requested I leave that to the professionals Our 2nd consideration is that although his mobility is being affected by his spinal cord he is still currently walking and I want his diaper to have as little effect as possible on his mobility, so far this particular diaper is the winner in that category. But we have several other options coming next week and we will see what works best.

The absolute number one priority is Chances comfort. If hes comfortable, he’ll be happy. If he’s happy, I’m happy. Stay tuned Team

CHANCE: Hmmmmm, I don’t recall you asking me if I was “comfortable” with you sharing pics of me in a “nappy” mom! Sheesh, my dignity please! Well, the good news is I can get some serious snuggle time in with mom on her bed!

Com’ere mom, let’s cuddle Nightynite Team

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Do not buy any 4 paws 1 heart material or apparel from scammers using our logo to make money. The only sales we had going on recently was through Bonfire. Please let me know if you see these sales and feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you see these unauthorized sales on any other sites. We already had one friend buy something from an earlier posting that I had reported. She thought she was helping the animals instead she was helping crooks. – diana

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2/18/23 – This is the last weekend that Amazon Smile will be donating to thousands of small non-profits like 4 Paws 1 Heart. Rx fundraising has given us an opportunity to raise money. Sign up and choose 4p1h as your charity. We will get a % of all sales whether it’s at the counter or in the pharmacy. – diana

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I was reading the rules to sign up. If I understand correctly, it is for new RiteAid customers only, and if you have picked up a maintenance prescription within 365 days you do not qualify, or if you have gotten an acute medicine in the last 3 years you are disqualified. Did I read that wrong? I looked at it a couple times. – Pamela

You did not but u heard through the grapevine that it is in the process of being changed. I’ll keep everyone informed as i hear. Thanks!! – diana


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A Second Chance For Chance

BRIDGETTE: Chance, do you remember you and I both came to live here in the same week 8yrs ago? You had only been here a few days when I came and we were roommates like you and Carla are now. I came from that horrible house with that mentally sick lady and you came from the shelter paralyzed. We both had lots of health issues.

CHANCE: Yep, I remember Bridgee. And although we had and still have our share of health problems look at all the bottle baby kittens you and I have helped raise with mom, Aunt Shelly and Oliver.

BRIDGETTE: Yep! We’ve helped with birds, a squirrel, baby possums, a couple of pups too!

CHANCE: Remember the baby skunk???

BRIDGETTE: I do!!! We’re kinda the mom & pops around here, we make a good team….

I love you Chance.

CHANCE: Yep, I guess we are. I love you too Bridge, sweet dreams old girl!


CHANCE: Only kidding, love you Bridgeeee


Couldn’t have done it all these years without you, thank you 4Paws1Heart for all you do – Denise