11/25/23 – A happy beginning for sweet Muffins. Thank you to the loving and caring hearts of Gina and her husband, Dave for the sleepless nights and the many long trips to several doctors. If only every animal on our streets could be so lucky. – diana

A few months ago David Jenio and I decided to make Miss Muffins’ a permanent member of our family.

She was found by Bambi Pesti Hartter back in July of 2022 and I took her in as a foster with what we thought was just a simple upper respiratory infection. One year of daily care, 5 doctors, several travels to hospitals, constant worry watching her have good and bad days, fundraising to raise money for medical, missing work, sleepless nights, and fear of the worst, but it was worth every second!!!!!

She couldn’t smell, eat dry food, breath without congestion, she couldn’t jump because her equilibrium was off, her hearing was dulled, she had constant nasal discharge, pressure in her head, and yet an undeniable will to live.


THEN, we found an incredible surgeon who SAVED Muffins’ LIFE. Her name is Dr. Brayden Stanley at Animal Surgical Center in Flint. There are no words to tell you how much her talent and skills have made all the difference for Muffins’. A stent needed to be placed in Muffins’ nasophyrengeal area where her sinuses were supposed to drain. They couldn’t drain because there was no hole due to chronic inflammation or congenital deformity. A solid band of scar tissue had formed over what was supposed to be a hole. After blunt dissection, stent placement, several weeks to flint for flushes, and removal of the stent Muffins’ was good!!!! Her recovery happened to be one year to the date we took her in as a foster which was July 5th.

We are thankful every day for Dr. Stanley and the Surgical team, 4 Paws 1 Heart for covering her medical, and all of her supporters who donated thousands towards saving her life!!!! We R blessed. P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080