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Lizzie (February 12, 2004 – November 6, 2015)
A donation was received from the Friends in the Change Management Office in memory of Lizzie the beloved feline companion of the Blain/Cvetkovski





Simon (February 1, 2001 – March 30, 2015) I knew last night when you rubbed my cheek with yours that you were saying goodbye. Hope you feel better now, you are together with Magda, give her a kiss for me. Fly free my handsome boy. ~ Cynthia






Esmond (April 4, 2000 – October 10, 2015) My beautiful boy Esmond crossed the bridge this morning. I only had you a short while but you stoled my heart. Rest in peace my sweet boy. Loved you to the moon and back.  ~ Cynthia




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