Trish – Allowed to Roam Free — Dehydrated, Fleas, Mites, and Wounds

7/18/17 – The neighborhood knew her, as well as the owners’ dogs, who are also allowed to roam the neighborhood. This very sick cat, Trish, was finally taken off the streets and, with the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart, has been treated for dehydration, fleas, mites and wounds incurred by other animals. She is now in a safe home and will get the love and care she deserves. ~ dianatrish 7:18:18 trish=7:18:18

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Izzy and Her Babies – Found in an Abandoned House

7/17/18 – Izzy and her babies. Izzy and her 4 kittens were found in an abandoned house by people who were there to clean the house. Izzy was very malnourished and had an upper respiratory infection. Izzy was taken to the vet and treated for her infections. When ready, Izzy will be spayed and the babies will also be spayed/neutered and vaccinated when they are old enough. Tonight, when you go to bed, please say a little prayer for these many animals who are sick and alone on the streets. ~ dianaizzy----7:17:18 izzykitten==7:17:18 izzy kitten--7:17:18 izzy kitten 7:17:18izzy 7:17:18

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Cheddar and Colby – Taken in by Gina and Needing a Forever Home

7/16/18 – Colby (orange and white) was an owner surrender that 4 Paws 1 heart took in. He is in a foster home with Cheddar and I am looking for a more permanent situation for them ( individually). Colby had some trouble with constipation and we have him on medication to try and regulate that. We don’t know if it was an issue of diet or maybe a combination of things. He is about 7 weeks old and super super adorable. Doing great!
Cheddar (mostly orange) might also be a special-needs kitten because she is a bit slower in the developing process. Her vision doesn’t seem that great and she requires closer one-on-one attention. She is eating and drinking fine on her own. She loves to be held and snuggled . I have had her since she was about three days old after she was found as an orphan hanging by her umbilical cord. If you would like more information about Colby or Cheddar please email me at: They have also been feline leukemia and fiv tested negative. ~ Gina

cheddar 7:16:18 cheddar w:gina 7:16:18 cheddar w:gina colby 7:16:18 colby w:gina 7:16:18
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Max – His Owners Thought He had “Died Already”

7/18/18 – Max continues to recover.

max--7:13:18 max--7:13:18 max 7:13:187/13/18 – Here is the other sweet animal needing your prayers.

“The story of Max —
I rescued your cat yesterday. The one you took the time to micro-chip and even update your information. The one you shaved huge chunks of fur off of for the hell of it. The one you discarded like yesterday’s trash when he needed you the most. He had horrible diarrhea with a belly full of worms. He had wounds and when rescued, one burst open and about 7 tablespoons of ooze came out.
Despite all pain he is in, he still purrs. He wants to be our friend, he wants to trust us. I’ve never seen a cat eat so much, he acts like we’re going to starve him too.
Never again Mr Max. You made it this far – I will fight for you.-Megan”

Max was seen yesterday and had a drainage tube inserted to get the poison out of his wounds. He was treated for the many other wounds he had on his poor emaciated body and provided with many medications. Unfortunately, we found out, after receiving extensive treatment, that Max is FIV positive. BUT, that will not be his death knell. A sanctuary has been found for Max. He does have a place where he can safely recover until moving on to the sanctuary. The rescuer plans to file charges against the owner who when called about finding his cat said, “Oh, I thought that he died by now”. The owner has verbally surrendered Max in front of two witnesses at the vet who are working with us to ensure there is a signed surrender form. I continue to wonder about the cruelty in the hearts of so many people. ~ diana

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Taffy – Dumped at a Front Door

7/12/18 – Taffy was ‘dumped’ at the door of a person known to be a rescuer in the neighborhood. Upon visiting the vet, it was found that she had been spayed and had a microchip. Unfortunately, the microchip had not been registered so an owner could not be found. The neighborhood children said that Taffy had been abandoned twice by her owners but fortunately she is now safe and has been examined, treated, and vaccinated. Praying that this sweet girl will find love and a forever home. ~ dianataffy 7:12:18 taffy 7:12:18==

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Bert, Ernie, Zoey, and Murphy – Found on the Streets with Their Mom

7/10/18 – Thanks to our many supporters we are able to provide medical treatment to individual rescuers and rescue groups. Shawna is one of those individuals who has been rescuing and has needed our help.bert 7:10:18 ernie 7:10:18 zoey 7:10:18 Murphy 7:10:18Meet Bert, Ernie, and Zoey. Also, Murphy, who was rescued and is now neutered, vaccinated, and ready for his forever home. Anyone interested in these beauties should contact Shawna at:

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Lucie – Her Young Uterus Was Nearly Shredded

7/6/18 – A huge thank you to our many friends and vets who help us make a difference.lucie 7:6:18

“I want to send a huge thank you to 4Paws1Heart for taking care of Lucie’s medical. She went in yesterday for her spay and I was told by the doctor that her uterus was so weak it literally shredded as they attempted to remove it. She is only short of 12 weeks old. They were able to remove everything but her incision was bigger than normal. She is on antibiotics for now and have her on crate rest as she is a little swollen. I am so grateful that Debra rescued her to give her a chance for a long and healthy life. I cannot imagine her on the streets and getting pregnant. Lucie is in the process of moving to her furever home. So happy for her.- Patricia”

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