Mr. Cat, Precious, and Sammy – All Found on the Streets

4/28/20 – Mr. Cat and Precious were both found on the streets this past winter. Both were already spayed/neutered so either they were abandoned or had escaped their homes. But, either way, no one ever claimed them. Fortunately, their rescuers were going to find them forever homes. Sammy was showed up in a cat colony but was very friends. He had to have many teeth removed due to infection and being rotted. We took care of everyone’s medical needs and are confident that they are in good hands. We are thankful for all of our friends who continue to rescue these vulnerable animals. – diana cat 4:28:20 precious 4:28:20 sammy 4:28:20

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Susie Q and Babies – A Very Sweet Pregnant Mom Trapped and 10 Day Later Had Babies

4/27/20 – This very sweet pregnant ‘feral’ showed up on 4/13/20 at our friend, Patricia B’s’, home. Patricia was able to trap her in 10 minutes. On April 23, she had 5 babies. All are doing well with Mama Susie Q and everyone will be available for adoption within the next two months. 4 Paws 1 Heart has once again committed to covering everyone’s medical needs. Thank God this sweetie was safe and secure when she had her babies. Please help educate people that not all cats found outdoors are feral. Also, please pray that the Michigan governor will soon lift the ban on spay/neuters so that we can get back in the business of stopping the proliferation of unwanted dogs and cats.- diana
Interested in Susie Q or the babies? Contact: pattib7355@aol.comsusie q 4:15:20 susie q babies

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Little One, Vivian, and Bunny – Found in Dire Health and Now Thriving

4/24/20 – Little One and Bunny were near death until they found their ways into the care of our co-founder, Gina, and our friend, Jo.  They were found with 8 other kittens; 2 of whom had died in transit.  These babies are all little one 4:25:20 Vivian 4:25:20 Bunny 4:25:20medically sponsored by 4 paws1heart. If interested contact:

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Sammy – Finally Found His Furever Home After 5 Months

4/23/20 – Great news!!! Sweet Sammy has been adopted. You can read his story on our website, We are so very happy for him. A huge thank you to our good friend Debra B. For fostering Sammy for 5 months. We are blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives. – diana

CHANCE:WOOOOHOOOO!!! Guess who got adopted today???? Sammy!!!! Yep, that’s right Sammy!!! Mom just got home and told us all about it! Auntie Debra & Sammy came and picked up mom and they did the homecheck and Samny is now in his new home with his awesome new Dad and he has a super cool big human sister too! Congratulations Sammy, we’re soooo happy for you! Big thankyou to 4 Paws 1 Heart for all of Sammy’s vetting and a very special thankyou to our Auntie Debra Berolatti who took Sammy in, fostered and spoiled him rotten these last 5 months. You’re the best Auntie Debra and we love you sooo much! Happy life now Sammy, we love you! 💞sammy w:debra berolatti. 3:11:20jpg sammy 4:23:20


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Selena – Found on the Streets

4/20/20 – Selena is another baby found on the street last Fall before the frigid weather set in. She needed the typical medical attention and we were happy to provide it. The finder, who has a pet service, wanted to keep her as long as she was healthy enough to be integrated with her others. We were happy to do that and thankful that the couple wanted to give her a furever home. – diana

selena 4:21:20
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Mama Patches and Babies, Fire and Ice – Found With Babies Only Two Weeks Old

4/20/20 – I know this is crazy but the days go by too fast and the number of cats and dogs we help outnumber the number of days in the week. This is Mama Patches and her kittens, Fire and Ice. It was last Fall when I wonderful couple found the mom and her two-week old kittens on the streets. the babies both had upper respiratory infections. We paid for everyone to see tand be treated by one of our vets immediately. Mama tested positive for FIV but that was OK with the couple because they were going to keep her. In February, I got an update that homes couldn’t be found for the babies so now they are all living happily ever after with 4 other siblings. Thank God for the rescuers and thank God for our donors who keep us in business. – diana

mama patches 4:21:20 fire-- 4:20:20 ice 4:20:20 fire and ice 4:20:20
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