Star and Jet – Rescued By a Local Animal Control Officer

6/30/20 – Meet Star and Jet. These kittens were rescued by a great Sterling Heights animal control officer who asked if we would sponsor medical care if she could find placement. Of course we said yes and these babies received their wellness check, vaccines, snap test, and treatment for any parasites. If you are interested in these beauties, please contact Beckie at: – diana
star w:beckie borse 6:24:20jet w:beckie borse 6:24:20

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Sylvester – A ‘Stray’ Cat Who Had Visited a Home For Two Years Needed an Eye Removal

6/29/20 – Please keep Silvester in your prayers. She is having an eye removed tomorrow. Last week I received a message from a kind woman who had been caring for Silvester as a stray. She had trapped her two years ago and had her spayed and has been caring for her since. Silvester showed up last Saturday, after missing for 3 months, with a very swollen eye. It was very obvious that 4 year-old Silvester was in pain. Her rescuer, Danielle, told me that Silvester had been showing up at her house every day for 2 years. When she didn’t show up in March, Danielle starting searching for her every day but without luck. Miraculously, Silvester finally returned, obviously needing help. She was also extremely skinny so she might have been trapped somewhere. We authorized Silvester’s vet visit last week when it was determined that Silvester’s eye had been irreparably damaged and was severely infected. Based on Danielle’s commitment to find a good home for Silvester, we agreed to pay for Silvester’s surgery. Danielle vowed that she will never go outside again. – diana
sylvester 6:29:20

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Enginew – Trapped Under a Car and Not Found For 20 Miles

6/28/20 – Yesterday I received an emergency call from our friend, Debbie, who has worked over 30 years as an independent rescuer and TNR (trap/neuter/return) source. Enginew, an 8 week old kitten, was trapped under the car hood and found on the radiator. The driver, unknowingly, drove 20 miles to her destination before realizing that Enginew was trapped near the engine. Enginew’s ear was severely burned as was her paws. Fortunately, Debbie, is very experienced in caring for injured and ill cats and kittens, so after Enginew received treatment for the burns and potential infections, Debbie was able to take Enginew home and treat her with sub q fluids as well as other medication. She will be scheduled to receive laser treatments on her wounds which was very successful in one of our other cases. Please say a little prayer for this baby AND, even in this warm weather, REMEMBER to beep your horn or hit the hood of your car before you start the engine. Thank you to our many friends who continue to support our mission to fund medical treatment for abandoned, stray, and abused animals. – diana w:debbie 6:27:20enginew 6:27:20enginew w:debbie nelson

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Tiger – Update – Diagnosed with Stomatitis

6/26/20 – Tiger Update. Tiger was thought to be a feral cat and was being cared for by a very kind woman. One day she noticed that he was constantly drooling and actually his mouth was full of pus. While she was on her way to a veterinary hospital she contacted me and, fortunately, we were able to get Tiger in to one of our favorite hospitals, Orion Animal Hospital. Dr. Zalac diagnosed Tiger as having Stomatitis which results from severe inflammation of the mouth tissues. On that first visit, the priority was to relieve the infection but Dr. Z believed that Tiger would need many teeth to be extracted — maybe all. Yesterday Tiger had his recheck. He continues to be treated for the severe infection but it was confirmed that Tiger does need to have all of his teeth extracted. This will be quite costly but between Tiger’s rescuers and 4 Paws 1 Heart, we want to give Tiger a second chance at life without pain. It turns out that Tiger is not ‘feral’ but, once again, a cat who was probably lost or abandoned. He loves to be petted and has endeared himself to his rescuers. So, Tiger has found his forever home and we will do everything we can to help him. If you can help, donations can be made through paypal at: or through the mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. Thank YOU so very much to our many supporters who help us make miracles happen for the abandoned and abused and the people who save them. – dianatiger 6:23:20 tiger w:shannon 6:11:20 Tiger sith stomatistis 6:11:20

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Lady – Diagnosed With Skin Cancer

6/22/20 – This sweetheart, Lady, is a barn cat who was diagnosed with skin cancer on her ears. Since her original diagnosis, the condition has gotten worse. We were contacted for help. Lady was taken to a great vet we have worked with in Flushing, MI. She was given medication and is scheduled to have the cancer surgically removed in two weeks. This wonderful vet is working with us on the surgical costs. – diana post surgery 6:24:20 lady 6:24:20

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Charlie, Caesar, Mina – Happy Updates

Happy Father’s Day to all the good men who have furbabies in their lives. I’ve always said that there is something special about a man who loves and cares for animals. So, on this day to celebrate our dads, I wanted to give some updates.

Charlie – Charlie was rescued by the great people of Their Last Resort . Charlie was absolutely on death’s door and, thankfully, after days in the hospital is now doing great. We were happy to help a little and if you are interested in Charlie, please check out Their Last Resort Rescue’s page.

Caesar – Caesar was rescued from the streets of Flint, MI. Our friends at Streethearts Rescue work very hard to save so many. When Caesar was taken to the vet for vetting, he was found to have heart worm. We were happy to pay for his heart worm treatment and even happier to find out that he is now heart worm free and is now in his furever home.

Mina – We were contacted again by our friends at Streethearts. They had rescued Mina from the streets of Flint, MI and five days after she was adopted, it was found that she had tumors on her vulva. Streethearts continued their commitment to Mina and asked for our help with her surgery. Later, Mina’s doctor found more tumors and recommended Mina be seen by a specialist. We were able to find a sponsor for Mina to see one of the best oncologists in the area and she will be seeing the doctor this coming week. We don’t know what the outcome will be for this very sweet girl who already is much loved but at least she will be given a chance.

Thank you to all of our supporters who help us give stray and abandoned animals that second chance at life. – diana 6:15:20 with their last resort caesar 6:14:20 mina 2020

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Tom, Oreo,Sissy, and Cobain – All Rescued From the Streets During the Harsh Winter

6/19/20 – More of the kittens/cats who were given a second chance this past winter because of the village of rescuers, donors, and 4 Paws 1 Heart. Here is Sissy who was rescued from the streets and we paid for her spay and vaccines. And, we have have Tom and Oreo, at about 5-6 months old, kept showing up at a family’s home. The children fell in love and the family actually took care of their mite issues, eye infections, and vaccines. But, they needed help with spay/neuter. So we took care of that and everyone is living happily ever after. And, lastly (for now), is Cobain who, once again, kept showing up at someone’s home. No owner could be found and poor Cobain was riddled with fleas and very skinny. Her medical needs were taken care of and Cobain’s rescuer was to find her a furever home. These are just a few of the many stories of this past winter and we are forever grateful for every person who cares enough to not walk away from an animal in need. – diana 5:26:20 oreo 5:26:20sissy 5:26:20 sissy 5:26:20
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Katy, Angelica, Ashley, Winston, Snicks, and Peanut – Found on the Streets

Katy Angelica Ashley Winston Snicks (2) Peanut6/18/20 – These little beauties were all rescued by our friend Patricia Brown. Next week they will be vaccinated and tested and, when they weigh enough, they will be spayed/neutered. The great news is that 4 of these kitties already have homes lined up. I introduce you to: Katy, Angelica, Ashley, Winston, Snicks, and Peanut. “2020 – The Season of the Kittens” – diana

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Chloe – Was Brought to a Vet Because of a Serious Wound on Her Face But Then It Turned Out That She Had Recently Had Babies

6/17/20 – This is a tough one (like so many of the others aren’t – said with sarcasm). This is Chloe. She was left behind when her owners moved. We were contacted because a kind couple who she’s taken a liking to, saw her with a wound on her face which may have abscessed. They also thought that Chloe was either pregnant or had recently had kittens. Chloe was taken to one of our great doctors who treated her wound and took an ultra sound to determine if she was pregnant. Our doctor decided that Chloe had babies recently. She suggested Chloe be left outside in hopes that Chloe could be rescued with her kittens. This was a tough one for the rescuers in that they are ready to take her in and find a furever home. They have been searching for the kittens and will continue to do so. Say a little prayer that the family can be rescued together. – diana
chloe 6:17:20

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Blackie – RIP – We Tried to Save Him But It Was Too Late

6/15/20 – RIP Blackie. Our good friend Kimberly Willey called yesterday afternoon for help. She was on the road and found a cat in desperate need of medical attention. He was very thin and appeared to have a prolapsed rectum. We could not get him into a day practice so we made arrangements for him to be seen at our partner emergency hospital. Little Blackie was very il and the doctor said that there was at least 6″ of intestines hanging. The blood flow had already stopped. Because of his overall condition, surgery would have been very dangerous for him. It was decided to put Blackie out of his obvious pain and let him move on to the Rainbow Bridge. The only comfort we can all find in these cases is that this little guy did not die alone, suffering on the streets but died in dignity and love. – diana

blackie 6:15:20
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