Carla – Paralyzed and Pulled for A Shelter Gets Ready for Her New Wheels

11/29/17 – When I say that our donors make miracles happen, I don’t use those words lightly. Carla is one such miracle, like her ‘uncle’ Chance, Carla was pulled from a shelter before being euthanized — her back legs were paralyzed. Carla has been working hard with Dr. Kern and her staff, as well as with her mom. She has gone through a lot including surgery for a bladder stone but she hasn’t let that stop her. Carla is starting to stand and now her next step may be a cart We all truly believe that she will be walking some day. Thank you for believing in 4 Paws 1 Heart. ~ diana

“Goood morning Team Chance, Happy #GivingTuesday!!! As you can see mom’s already got me up and in Uncle Chances wheels this morning while I do my morning birdie watching. Did you know Uncle Chance only used his cart for about a month before he was up and running around here without it? It was just a stepping stone for him, and we’re hoping for the same for me! And did you know it was donations from Team Chance that paid for Uncle Chances wheels? Your donations mean so much & go so far to making miracles happen! So on Giving Tuesday, please give what you can to show animals like me that we deserve our Second Chance. 4 Paws 1 Heart does not give up on special needs animals and we know you don’t either And thanks to an anonymous donor…all donations up to $1000.00 will be matched today through Dec 5th!!! Let’s show them how much Team Chance cares about the animals and give what you can, every dollar matters! Have a SuperHero kind of day & watch for updates of my visit with Dr. Kern later today! Love, Carla
4 Paws 1 Heart
P.O. Box 84
St. Clair Shores, Mi. 48080
carla 11:29:17

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Betty I and Betty II – One Found Very Ill; the Other Took a Ride in a Car Engine

11/26/17 – These kittens were found by two different rescuers at two different times but both were named Betty. The first Betty was found on the street with a severe upper respiratory infection. With medical dollars from 4 Paws 1 Heart, Betty was treated and look at how great she looks today. The second Betty took a ride in a car engine and was, fortunately, not injured. Again, 4 Paws 1 Heart made sure that Betty II was healthy and would be able to find her forever home. As our Thanksgiving Week comes to an end, I want to again thank our generous donors and our caring rescuers. ~ dianabetty I 11:26:17betty II 11:26:17

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Romeo – His Owner Was Found Dead and He Was Not Rescued for Ten Days

11/25/17 – Our handsome Romeo. A true Thanksgiving story. – diana

“Good morning Team, Happy Saturday!!!!
We want to wish our super awesome friend Romeo a very Happy Second Adoptiversary!!!
Sorry we’re a few days late Romeo For those that may not have been following us 2yrs ago. Romeo’s elderly mom passed away and nobody knew about poor Romeo for weeks later when the apt manager called Auntie Di to say there was a cat in the wall of an empty apt. Mom & Auntie Debra went over and it took them 2 days to cut Romeo out of the hole behind the kitchen cupboards. Romeo was emaciated, dehydrated, depressed, and had given up on life. He had to be hospitalized twice and thankfully 4 Paws 1 Heart was there for him every step of the way, without 4p1h he never would have survived his ordeal. After a long convalescence at our house healing his body & his heart he was adopted by Kelly Myers Tanner & her wonderful daughter and is now a very, very happy spoiled boy. Happy Adoptiversary Romeo We love you!!!! Chance”Romeo 11:25:17

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Sabrina – Pulled, Very Ill, From a Shelter

11/25/17 – This is Sabrina. She was one of two kittens pulled from a shelter. She was very sick with a 94 degrees temperature. Sabrina required hospitalization and transfusions and the doctors thought she might not make it. But, with the help of Michigan’s Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue (formerly known as Angels for Animals of MI), and 4 Paws 1 Heart, she fought death and is now doing good. Anyone interested in Sabrina should contact Erin at: miwaywardwhiskers@gmail.comsabrina 11:25:17

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Kittens 2017 – Rescued from the Streets

1/23/17 – The 4 Paws 1 Heart Board wishes all of our friends a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. This is truly a day to give thanks for the many people who make a difference in this world — our first responders, our military, our caring animal control officers, the rescue organizations, the individuals who act when they see an animal in trouble, the fosters, the adopters, the veterinarians and their staffs, and our generous donors.

These sweeties were saved during a trap/neuter/return project. They are thankful for now having a warm and loving home. ~ dianakittens === 11:23:17kittens+++11:23:17

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Sassy – She was Found in the Wild, Sick and Needing 12 Teeth Removed

11/23/17 – These poor animals are abandoned in the wild with so many issues causing them pain. I’m just thankful for the kind and loving rescuers who do not turn their backs and the many friends who support 4 Paws 1 Heart with monetary donations so that we can make a difference. ~ diana

“My day got away from me and forgot to update on Sassy. She had 12 teeth pulled this morning. Thank you everyone,
4 paws 1 heart, Diana Rascano, Kitty Clinic, Venus Gaucher and everyone who donated to get it all done! She is resting comfortably and enjoying being back home, safe and sound.
Needless to say, she was not a happy kitty this morning! – Patricia”sassy 11:21:17

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Poppy, Dolly, Lola, Prince Bram, Poe, Clive and Hitchcock – Found Wandering on the Streets

11/22/17 – A huge 4 Paws 1 Heart thanks to Jo Addington, who not only helps with fundraising, but who has saved a countless number of cats and found them forever homes. Jo works very closely with Debra Berolatti and Debbie Nelson and as a team they have been responsible for hundreds of new beginnings for cats who would have otherwise died alone on the streets. Here is Poppy, Dolly, Lola, Prince Bram, Poe, Clive and Hitchcock. Anyone interested in any of these sweeties should . All of these kittens/cats were rescued from the street or were left behind by their owners. 4 Paws 1 Heart has taken care of all of their medical needs. More lives saved because of our generous supporters and the many people working to make a difference. ~ dianapoppy 11:22:17lola and prince bram 11:22:17poe and clive 11:22:17

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Snow Cat, Kasey, Rosie, Hope, and Blackie – Rescued

11/21/17 – I continue to give thanks to the many individuals who provide shelter and food to cat communities and, in the process, often find kittens who can be socialized and made healthy with the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart. Thank you to Brooke Comfort with Snow Cat II, Debra Berloatti with Casey, Rosie with Rachel Gerstner, Hope with Hope Wilson and Blackie with Kathy.snow cat 11:21:17kasey 11:21:17rosie 11:21:17hope 11:21:17blackie 10:22:17

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Saved by Zade Kittens – Found on the Side of a River- Critically Ill

11/20/17 – During this week of giving Thanks I would like to sincerely thank all of those who literally save the lives of animals who have been abandoned and abused. Very often they put their own lives on the line and if not their lives, their time, their money, their hearts. One such group is from Jackson, MI, Saved by Zade. I believe I reported on this very moving rescue when we were first contacted. A mom and 4 kittens, who had obviously been in someone’s home, had been found on the side of a river near a park and a fishing bridge. One kitten was covered in maggots and he eventually died, but not before the wonderful rescuers were able to bathe him and love him. He died in one of their arms. Another kitten, Helen, needed both eyes removed immediately and an amazing doctor at Snow Animal Health Care did this for free. Two other kittens needed eye removal; and we committed to helping with this surgery when the time came. They had their surgeries two weeks ago and are doing great.
As winter approaches, please say a little prayer each night for all of these animals who have either been born in the wild or who have been thrown out by their owners. And, please, do whatever you can to be a part of the solution – rescue, donate, foster, adopt. Thanks, diana
saved by zade ++ 11:20:17saved by zade 11:20:17

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