Gus Gus – Rescued With Severe Eye Infections Caused by Entropion

9/29/21 – Meet Gus Gus – We were contacted in late August by the Cat Ambassador Rescue requesting assistance to pay for entropion surgery for a very sweet, special needs, 8-month old kitty. He was originally rescued in February, 2021 (along with three siblings and his mother who had already had 10 or 11 litters) from a “filthy” house full of human and animal feces. Gus Gus had horrible eye infections and was on several courses of oral and topical antibiotics but he continued to squint, keeping his eyes totally closed most of the time. The rescue’s vet advised that Gus Gus see a specialist, in that he had a heart murmur, to determine what might be wrong with his eyes. It was there that Gus Gus was diagnosed with entropion of both eyes. I’ve written about this condition several times for both dogs and cats. It is a very painful condition where the eyelashes are growing inward and touching the eye. The surgery was very expensive because Gus Gus was considered a high-risk patient. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and is on several meds to control his seizures. Because of his heart murmur, only specific anesthesia was safe for the vets to use. And, his blood work revealed an extremely high platelet count.
Well, the good news is that Gus Gus had his surgery, he’s been without a seizure for five months and is in his furever home with one of his siblings. His eyes are doing great and although some might say that this little guy was ‘a mess’, he was a very sweet ‘mess’ worth saving and deserving of a second chance at life. – diana
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Stormy – Born to a Feral Mom. Required Surgery for a Prolapsed Rectum

9/25/21 – Even though our major fundraiser since 2019 was cancelled due to the rains of this past week, the medical needs for stray and abandoned animals never seem to wane.
Meet Stormy. He was born to a feral mom who had been cared for over a two year period by a very kind couple. Like so many people (my husband and I included), the couple was not familiar with the idea of TNR and just kept rescuing the kittens the female would have and then find them homes. About a week ago they found that the mom had another litter of 4 kittens. The couple found a rescue to take 3 of the kittens but one of the kittens, Stormy, was found to have a prolapsed rectum and the rescue could not afford to take him. The couple tried every veterinary hospital whom we work with along with some of their own and finally they were able to get into a veterinary hospital where a friend is employed. Stormy was able to have surgery and he is doing well. We were happy to help with Stormy’s surgery and the couple may be keeping him. If not, they will find him a furever, loving home. Also, the feral mom is now scheduled to be spayed. – diana
P.S. I normally don’t show graphic photos but thought this was a clear photo that showed what a prolapsed rectum looks like.
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Maggie, Stella, Henri & Harri – Rescued at 1 Week Old

9/21/21 – Meet Maggie, Stella, Henri, and Harri (all females) who will be getting their complete makeovers very soon and then be ready for their furever homes. Can your loving home be one of them? They were all rescued at 1 week old by the caretakers of a cat community. They have been thriving under the care of our Board member, foster mom to her TNR colonies, and amazing animal advocate, Dee and her husband Rick. If you are interested in these cuties, make sure you contact Dee at:
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Porter (mom), Freddie, Fannie, Maggie, Mikey, Mazie, Preston, & Delilah (aka Ike) – She Almost Died After Her Second Pregnancy

9/18/21 – Porter lived in a cat community and nearly died after having had two pregnancies. On her third pregnancy, the community caretaker contacted a seasoned rescuer, Christina, who we have helped with several cats. We were asked to cover an ultra sound and exam for Porter so Christina would know what to expect from this poor mom. Before that could be done, Porter had her babies — 8 of them. The seventh baby was born stillborn, but, unexpectedly another baby arrived after the stillborn. Porter has been a wonderful mom and we will be taking care of everyone’s medical needs and Christina will get everyone adopted. I introduce you to mom, Porter, and her babies, Freddy, Fannie, Maggie, Mikey, Mazie, Preston, and Delilah. If you are interested in any of these cuties, please contact Christina at:
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Opie – Rescued in a Neglectful Home; Needed Surgery for a Degloved Lip

opie 9:17:21
9/17/21 – Prayers for little Opie. He may be around 9 weeks old and was rescued from a “very bad situation”. There were approximately 11 kittens in the home which had trash, feces, etc. all over the home. Two kittens were rescued, Opie was one of them because he appeared to have a degloved lip. Thankfully, our good friends at Comforts Place was able to get Opie in almost immediately and he is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Also, the doctor found that the poor kitten actually has more than a degloved lip, he has a degloved chin. According to “degloving, also called avulsion, is a type of severe injury that happens when the top layers of the skin and tissue are ripped from the underlying muscle, connective tissue or bone.”. Please remember this very sweet, little guy in your prayers. 4 Paws 1 Heart will make sure his medical needs are met and will help with any of his housemates who are rescued. – diana.
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Bella – A Paralyzed Baby

9/15/21 – Prayers for our Bella who has been seeing Dr. Kern for therapy. Read her story on our website or search her name on this fb page. – diana.
bella--9:15:21 bella-9:15:21 bella 9:15:21

“Hi everyone ! I just wanted to get on here and give everyone a big update on Bella sense I have not posted about her on this page sense her introduction.

This is Bella Beans, she is now a little over 16 weeks. A woman surrendered her to me after she had accidentally slammed her in a door which then caused her to be paralyzed.
Well at the time she was only 6oz !! Yeah crazy! She is now 3 pounds ! Her personality has bloomed and shes so sweet yet the most sassy little lady ever !
As of currently she still cannot walk nor can she use her bladder or bowels on her own. But thats okay cause mom helps with all of that!
She is currently doing rehab at Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine and we are working alongside with 4 Paws 1 Heart to help with medical.
Without them this would not be possible !! We are soo deeply greatful for them and everyone who has been by ourside.
But Bella has such a long road ahead of her. She will be seeing another Dr. tomorrow for another consultation to see what they may suggest.
This little girl definitely travels. Our problem as of right now is that she is so stiff and her muscles are refusing to soften with every stretch and exercise we do. So we will be starting ultrasound to help warm those little suckers up!
If you would like to help Bella you can donate through:
Always appreciated never expected.
Thank you!
Ill definitely try to keep everyone updated on her because shes so strong, shes so smart and beautiful and has such a will to live a full happy healthy life and we are working so hard at getting her there. Even if she doesnt walk one day or uses the potty on her own….our biggest goal is that she never becomes in pain or uncomfortable.
As of right now she is your typical happy, crazy little kitten.- Rebecca”
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Simba – Found Hiding in the Bushes With an Upper Respiratory Infection

9/14/21 – Simba was found hiding in the bushes near a woman’s workplace. Fortunately, she was able to get him and keep him safe in her home until we were able to get him to a partner vet. The little guy had an upper respiratory infection but we were able to get him all fixed up and neutered and vaccinated. His finder will be a first-time cat ‘servant’. haha – Diana 9:14:21

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Benzo and Twin – Left Behind When Their Owners Broke Up

9/12/21 – Benzo and Twin. Unfortunately, anyone involved in saving the lives of the abandoned and abused have heard this story one too many times. Man/Woman breaks up with Woman/Man — Man/Woman doesn’t want the pets but will take the boyfriend/girlfriend back. Pets are either thrown outside to fend for themselves or left behind in a vacant home to starve to death and wallow in their own feces. This is what happened with Benzo and Twin. Left behind in the house because one of the partners didn’t want them. Thankfully, people who learned of the situation, got in touch with me and these little guys who were already beginning to show signs of malnutrition will be seeing a vet tomorrow and will get neutered, vaccinated, and tested. If you are interested in these approximate one-year-old boys, contact Jessica at: – Diana
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Agnes – RIP –

9/9/21 – RIP Beautiful Agnes. She was TNR’d the month before and then last Thursday she showed up on the caretaker’s porch with what appeared to be two broken back legs or a broken pelvis. The caretaker immediately got her in the car and started on a long trip to a 24/7 hospital. While in transit she contacted me. Although this was a hospital in which we don’t normally work with, I agreed to pay for the exam and assessment and to determine next steps from there. After hours of waiting, it was determined that Agnes’ injuries were just too severe and the doctor and the caretaker decided to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. We were thankful to at least play a role in making sure Agnes did not die alone, suffering on the street and we so very much caretaker, Megan, for everything she did for little Agnes. – diana
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