RIP A.J. and Mayo

7/8/24 – It all started on July 2 when we were contacted about a kitten (A.J.) who had been rescued from a group of ‘kids’ smashing a litter of kittens to the ground. A.J. was the only survivor. The rescuer had A.J. for a little over a week before she turned the kitten over to Barb L., whom we’ve assisted in the past. A.J. was placed with two other, same aged kittens whom Barb had rescued just before. The kittens, Sparky and Mayo had were found wandering the streets without a mom. Unfortunately, A.J. became lethargic and before he could be seen at our partner veterinary clinic, he passed away. On July 5 Mayo and Sparky became less active and were not eating; they were authorized to be seen at Orion Animal Hospital. This morning I was advised that Mayo passed away. Prayers for Sparky who will be seen asap. – diana

Meet Jerry

7/1/24 – There’s still time to double your donation during the $1,000 Match campaign. Your donation will make a difference in the lives of many strays who would otherwise die on the streets — alone and defenseless. Meet Jerry. We were contacted on May 28 about a cat found on the streets with a wound on his tail. The rescuer, Robert, contacted vets but none could see the cat until the end of June and Robert was concerned that the wound needed to be treated sooner. We were able to get Jerry into West Flint Animal Hospital and Robert was willing to drive an hour to get there. Jerry was examined and treated on June 4 and then was neutered the following week. He is doing great and will never be alone on the streets again. – diana

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6/27/24 – Patches, very sweet, showed up an apartment complex and rescued by a very kind couple. Although friendly, no owner could be found and we authorized her to be seen by one of our favorite veterinary doctors, Dr. Mina, at Five Mile Animal Hospital. She was examined and treated for an upper respiratory infection but she appeared to be pregnant and Dr. Mina called to get my approval for an x ray. Yesterday I received an update from the rescuer, Brian. Patches is pregnant. Although she is being kept inside at this time, the rescuers are often out of town due to work and have asked if there is anyone willing for foster Patches through her birth and obviously help with adoption. 4 Paws 1 Heart will commit to making sure the family is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and Patches is tested when appropriate. If anyone can help, please contact Brian at: [email protected] She is a beauty. – diana Donate Today during the $1,000 Match which ends July 4, 2024

Bambi & the Mobsters – Bambi, pregnant when rescued, has 9 babies

7/19/21- WARNING – If you are or ever have been a ‘mobster’, please don’t take offense at this post. (haha)Meet the Mobsters. Bambi (mama) was rescued from an area inundated with dumped/stray animals. Unfortunately, the area is near a mobile home park where our experience has been the same no matter where that park is. The area is also on a very busy main street which poses quite a danger to stray animals. Bambi was pregnant at the time. Our dear friend, Debbie, rescued Bambi and our other dear friend, Deena, took her in to have her babies. And, boy, did she have them — NINE babies. Here is Bambi, and her babies Fat Tony, Guido, Capone, Bugsy, Clyde, Dilinger, Bonnie, Doll Face, and Baby Face Nelson. Everyone will be getting their make overs tomorrow and will be ready to find their furever homes. These photos are when they were a little younger but they will be with our very good friends and Ferndale Cat Sheter at Catfe in case you are interested. A huge thank you to the rescuers, vets and staffs, the fosters, and especially our donors who have made this possible in a year where most non-profits have been struggling. God Bless Everyone. – diana

Trap/Neuter/Release – It Takes a Village

7/17/21 – These kitties will never be responsible for the over population of kittens again thanks to a wonder group of volunteers attempting to TNR a colony of 20-30 cats, a veterinary in the Lansing, MI area, and some help from 4 Paws 1 Heart. Here are some of the ten we helped with. Your donations and your attendance at our fundraisers save lives!!! – diana

Porter – Births 9 Babies; One Stillborn

7/14/21 – It was June 20, 2021 when we were contacted about Porter. She was part of a cat community and the caretaker said that she had almost died after having two pregnancies. Porter is very small and her babies had been very big. Our 4p1h friend, Christina, was contacted and she then contacted us. First Porter was taken to one of our partner vets to determine her pregnancy status and to determine how many kittens were to be born and whether it would be best for a C-Section. 7 kittens were seen at the time and it looked like she was close to birthing; a c-section was not recommended. On July 13, Porter had 6 babies by 4 a.m. By 8 a.m. the expected 8th baby did not come out so we were ready to authorize an x ray to see if a baby was still in there. At 10:43 a.m. a stillborn kitten came out followed by a living baby. This poor mama!!!! Today she is doing well and caring for her babies. Porter will never have another litter in that we have committed to her medical care after she weans her babies. We have also committed to her babies. Anyone interested in adopting anyone when they are ready, should contact Christina at: [email protected] – diana
“There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love, and moms from the animal kingdom are no exception. ” – Unknown
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Tommy – Caught in a Car Engine

7/13/21 – Tommy was caught in a car engine and was found with a bloody head and damaged ears. He also had an upper respiratory infection which delayed the ability to perform any surgery. Tommy was very feral and the delay to get him treated and neutered was very challenging for the rescuer. But finally everything was completed and Tommy is now in a sanctuary, never to be on the streets again. – Diana
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