Jeffrey Michael – Found at Just 5 Weeks Old With a Crushed Paw

10/27/20 – This past summer we were thankful to help our friends at Friends of Companion Animals Feline Rescue & Adoption Center by paying for Jeffrey Michael’s amputation. Without our great rescue groups and independent rescuers our help wouldn’t be needed. But, working together, we can make a huge difference. – diana
P.S. Our Halloween Match allows you to double your match through tomorrow, October 28. A huge thank you to all who have donated already.jeffrey michael w: Friends of Companion Animals 7:15:20
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Bella, Bonnie, Boo, and Chesterfield – Found on The Streets

10/26/20 – There have been so many cats/kittens needing our help over the past 7 months that it’s been impossible to keep up without overwhelming everyone. Here are some of the beauties who have been given that second chance at life and who will no longer be responsible for the overpopulation of cats because they have all been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested, and treated for minor illnesses by 4 Paws 1 Heart. It is only because of you that we are able to make this happen so if you can, double your donation today by having your donation matched during our $1,000 Halloween Match which ends 10/28/20.
Bella, Bonnie, Boo, and Chesterfield — all rescued from the streets. – diana
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Saturn – He Was Found in the Middle of a Busy Road – Maybe Thrown Out of a Vehicle

10/23/20 – The finder is a student of an independent rescuer we’ve assisted on several occasions. It appears that the kitten, Saturn, may have been thrown out of a car in that she was found in the middle of a busy road with a bloody face. She will be seeing a vet on Sunday where her face will be examined and she will be eventually vaccinated, tested, and spayed. Thank you to our many supporters who have already donated toward the $1,000 Halloween Match. The match continues until October 28. The need continues and we are forever grateful for your support. – diana
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Pee Wee – Found With a Prolapsed Rectum Needing Emergency Surgery

10/21/20 – $1,000 Donation Match Starts Today!! As our many friends know, fundraising in 2020 has been a challenge and meeting the needs of the stray, abandoned, and abused have been even a bigger challenge. The number of animals, especially cats, being born on the streets and then getting injured and seriously ill has been overwhelming. But, thankfully, our friends have continued to help us meet the challenge.
pee wee=10:21:20 pee wee--10:21:20 pee wee==10:21:20
Last night I received an emergency call about Pee Wee. You might remember that he was found in late August and when the finder called our friend, it was thought that Pee Wee was already dead. Our friends, Jo and Debra, immediately jumped in the car and went to pick up Pee Wee. They were both confident that Pee Wee wouldn’t make it. His body was already cold. But with love and amazing vet care, Pee Wee has thrived. But, last night when Jo got home from work, she saw that Pee Wee was lethargic, vomiting, and in obvious distress. Jo also noticed that ‘something’ appeared to be protruding from his anus–later it was realized that it was a prolapsed rectum. Because Pee Wee had been to a vet the day before to get a vaccine, the vet agreed to see Pee Wee right away. Pee Wee was sedated while his rectum was pushed back in and a couple of stitches were used to keep the rectum in. Pee Wee was kept overnight and he will be ready to go home today.
In that most people will not be buying and distributing candy this Halloween, a former Board member thought it might be a good time to ask for donations that she can then match up to $1,000. Please consider doubling your donation today through October 28, 2020 and make a difference in the lives of those who need us. – diana
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Scout – Getting Big

10/21/20 – Just days old and found in a storm drain. scout 10:20:20= scout w:chance 10:20:20 scout 10:20:20Can this be any sweeter??? One (Chance) was going to be euthanized at a shelter when he became paralyzed. The other (Scout) was found in a storm drain in Detroit. They have both been given a second chance at a beautiful life filled with love. – May God bless the Village. P.S.Stay tuned tomorrow for an upcoming donation match. – diana

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Fat Daddy – His Caretaker Was Placed in a Nursing Home – His New Foster Mom Noticed a Missing Claw

10/19/20 – Please say a little prayer for this boy, Fat Daddy. He was being cared for by a kind elderly lady who, unfortunately, had to be placed in a nursing home. The lady asked Brittany if she would care for Fat Daddy. Brittany noticed that Daddy appeared to have a claw missing. Also, she has been out of work and although she wants to give Daddy a permanent home, her funds have been depleted. Today Daddy was taken to one of our favorite vets who contacted me about this sweet guy. The doctor wasn’t sure the extent of the damage to the toe. She will do x rays and do blood work and determine next steps from there. The worse case is that he have his toe removed. Although donations have been very slow, we had to give this boy a second chance in honor of the kind woman who care for him for so many years. – diana
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Circare – Giving Spree October 26, 2020 through November 1, 2020

The online Circare Giving Spree is coming up – OCTOBER 26 through NOVEMBER 1. Go to:
Use Discount Code 4P1H2020 to get a 10% discount. 4 Paws 1 Heart will be awarded a percentage of sales.
You may also visit the store which is at: 23024 Greater Mack, St. Clair Shores. It is absolutely my ‘go to’ shop for not only my own home and self shopping but when I’m looking for that special gift for friends and family. They will also beautifully wrap your gift for no charge.
I hope to run into you there. Or, if you don’t want to shop in person, shop on-line. – dianacircare
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Pee Wee – They Thought He Was Dead

10/10/29 – The person who called in a ‘911″ actually thought this baby was dead. His body was already cold. But Pee Wee and his rescuers, Debra and Jo, wouldn’t have any part of it. Just look at what a village working together can do. Pee Wee is quite the beauty and anyone interested in adopting should contact Jo at: – diana
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Diva – RIP – All of the Prayers and Love Just Weren’t Enough

10/6/20 – diva 10:6:20 diva 10:6:20=It is with a very heavy heart and lots of tears we update that our little Diva has crossed the rainbow bridge.
She fought like hell to survive, but she just didn’t respond enough to turn the corner and today she became too tired to go on…
Diva was loved by so many people and OMG she knew it! They know when you love them and it gives them the will to survive…
The hardest part is accepting not knowing what was wrong or how to fix them. It’s a horrible feeling of helplessness, but we learn something new from each life that enters our hearts.
I want to thank her foster mommy and daddy for loving her to pieces and for giving her several weeks of 24 hour care.
I want to thank everyone who helped with ideas and suggestions with her treatment. Also, a huge thank you to our supporters, board members, and our team at Moore Veterinary Hospital for being there every step of the way.
She was adored and will never be forgotten.. ♡ RIP sweet Diva..
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