Yes, Pygmy Goats Are Companion Animals Too

6/17/14 – To those of you who have been long-time friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart, you may remember the pygmy goat who was dying from a urinary tract blockage at Greenwood Pets in Warren. Lisa Taylor, Warren ACO, contacted us, got the goat, and took him to a veterinary who worked on farm/companion animals. Although we were never able to get our money back as ordered by the Court in the recent trial against the owner of this disgusting facility which was finally closed down when their water and electricity was shut off, we are happy to report that our little Pygmy Goat (considered a companion animal) lives happily ever after with a wonderful veterinarian who has a lot of land to play on. Don’t you just love the bird going for a ride on his back??? ~ diana

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