Everywhere You Look, There Are Kittens!

8/7/14 – Is it us or are there just more kittens this year??? – 4p1h received a call from someone who had rescued a semi feral mom and 4 kittens. The person needed medical dollars to get everyone fixed (when ready), vaccinated, and tested.¬†Of course, we couldn’t say no and 4p1h paid for everyone to be vetted, tested, vaccinated, and fixed. The adoption fees went to the rescue organization who allowed the rescuer to use their adoption event. Again, thank you to our supporters who attend our fundraisers and who continue to donate to our mission. Here’s hoping these sweethearts spend the next 20+ years loved and cared for. ~ dianamichelle:yakimakittens8:7:14 yakima:michellekittens8-7-14 yakimamichele8:7:14

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