Tuxedo Love – Another Abandoned Soul

9/9/14 – Another Sweet Life Fending For Himself, He Needs Us – Our friend Dee N. contacted us asking if we could get this guy’s need out to our friends. This very sweet boy is sleeping under her neighbor’s deck. Dee thinks he is about 5 years old and says he loves to be brushed and have his belly rubbed. He may be neutered and was obviously someone’s pet at one time. Dee has placed him on For The Love of Louie but it breaks all of our hearts to see him living outside and tomorrow we’re expecting another round of severe weather. Is there anyone out there who is haunted by his sweet face (like me) and can take him in??? Please, please share. ~ diana

9/10/14 A foster home has been found.  He will be vetted, neutered (if needed), and vaccinated.  He will be looking for his forever home.  Please contact me at diana.4paws1heart@gmail.com if you are interested. ~ dianatuxedofoundwithdeenajeera9:9:14 tuxedow:dnajeera9:9:14

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