ASHLEY AND SMOKEY – Looking for Forever Homes

9/15/14 – 4 Paws 1 Heart has re-activated our Petfinder page to help all of the individual rescuers who reach out to us for help. As our long-time friends know, we are not only thankful for the great doctors who work with us and the great rescue groups, but even more important are the every day people who go above and beyond to save an animal. As long as our money lasts, we will do everything we can to help with spaying/neutering, vaccines, tests, and other medical needs just as long as the rescuer takes responsibility for finding a forever loving home. Here are two more sweet babies rescued from the dumpster two weeks ago. We think that Ashley is the 1 year old mother of the kittens and Smokey (the grey baby) is about 4 months old. Please contact Jo at if you are interested in fostering or giving them a forever home. ~ dianaAshleydumpstermomjoadd9:15:14 smokey

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