Sir Leopold and Other Updates

9/15/14 – UPDATES:

JOY – She is doing much better and hung out with Gina for a little while today. More to follow about this sweet girl.

PRINCESS – She is holding her own although she still hasn’t eaten. Gina will be with her tonight.

And, meet a new lucky cat. This is Sir Leopold — eating, sleeping, and posing He was rescued from wandering the streets. His paw looked like it was injured, so the rescuer asked if we could help. She was taken to the doctor complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart, and his rescuer, Sarah, will be making Mr. Leopold a permanent member of her home. Thanks, Sarah!! ~ diana

 (4 photos)sirleopold sirleopold9:15:14w:sarahdenoyer sirleopoldw:saradenoyer9:15:14* sirleopoldw:sarahdenoyer 9:15:14

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