Caring About All of the Creatures of this Planet – Gina’s Squirrel

4 paws 1 heart has a brand new addition. A very concerned family contacted the Animal Urgent Care tonight because this approximately 6 week old squirrel fell from its nest, and the family dog went after him. Fortunately, the family stopped the dog from doing severe damage, but there is one puncture wound on the hind end.. He is safe and doing well at the Gina inn, but I am looking for a name. If he continues to do good on antibiotics I will release him in my neighborhood.
The young man that brought him in was surprised that we would try to help this little squirrel, and he said, “wow you would do all that for a squirrel”? I said, “yes if we can help him we will”. Gina.
gina's squirrel8:25:14

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