Gina’s Pigeon – How Do God’s Creatures Know Where To Go For Help?

Saturday about 3:00 in the afternoon this Pigeon slowly walked up to my porch as I was getting ready to leave my house. I actually thought it was a joke, so I looked around and quickly discovered it was for real. 

I wasn’t sure what to do, so of course I consulted Dr. Google and ended up making a buffet of food and water for the Pigeon to choose from, then I went and ran about my business for a few hours.

When I pulled up in my driveway the Pigeon was still there, along with a million ants on the food, and so was a neighborhood cat just glaring at Mr. Pigeon as if he was going to be a snack.

I felt that I should take the pigeon and put him in a safe area of my garage, so I did.
He let me pick him up and didn’t once try to fly away. He ate, drank, and looked good.

In the morning I checked on him and he had passed away:(

This was strange to me because I feel like he showed up on my step to die peacefully.
It sounds crazy, but he looked old and tired..just done with life..and it made me wonder if there was some significant reason. At least he died in peace…
Ginagina's pigeon

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