JOY – Still Struggling to Manage Her Pain

9/17/14 – JOY — Her situation has been a difficult one and we couldn’t say much until now. As all of our friends will remember, she was brought into emergency on Tuesday, September 9, after being hit by a car. It was determined that she had multiple fractures to her pelvis and leg but it wasn’t until Gina took a second look at the x-rays on Friday that a microchip was noticed (the first scan did not show a chip). So on Friday, 9/12/14, the microchip company was contacted and advised of the situation. The microchip company tried to contact the owner of record. On Saturday they contacted them and was told by the ‘owners’ that ‘Joy” had been stolen two years ago. The owners were advised of what had happened to Joy and the future medical obligations. The owner said they didn’t have the money and would surrender Joy. This was Saturday, September 13. 2014.

As our friends know, Joy required emergency surgery early Saturday, 9/13/14, morning due to an intestinal blockage. But she still is in severe pain due to her pelvis and leg fractures. We cannot do anything because her ‘owner’ has not signed a relinquishment form. Gina has been doing everything possible to keep her under pain medication but because of new laws, acquiring pain medication for injured animals has been ridiculously difficult. This whole situation has been heartbreaking and disgusting. We have a dog suffering, even though 4 Paws 1 Heart has limited funds, we are willing to do whatever is necessary–we made the commitment–BUT because Joy is an owned dog we cannot do anything until the ‘owner’ signs off. The microchip company has called them, our wonderful Michigan State Trooper has called them, and Gina has called them — and nothing. Joy is the absolute example of why our animal advocates need to get more involved with supporting legislation which gives our domesticated animals some rights and stops treating our domesticated animals as property. The BOTTOM LINE is this — 1) we are trying to determine Joy’s legal standing to get treatment; 2) we must have her see a specialist ASAP– this is being done tomorrow even if we don’t raise the money or have legal standing. 3) We have to take care of her medical needs and find a foster who can help her recover — assuming we can get to that point; and 4) we really do have to raise the money to help her future surgery because we do believe we will be in a situation where the law will consider Joy abandoned by her owners. Gina has been in contact with the Troopers and we know they are emotionally invested and will try to raise money. But, as I said, now is the time, if you can help, we need you. Thank you to all of our friends. Here is this sweet baby. Donations can be made through the link on this page under donations, our website; or by mail p.o. box 84. st. clair shores, MI 48080. P.S. Joy spent a good part of today with Gina. Her feet were cold so Gina gave Joy her socks. Please pray for her. She (as well as so many) deserve better than being abandoned and thrown out like garbage. ~ dianaJoy**9:17:14 Joy))9:17:14

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