JOY – Visits a Specialist

JOY Update: 9/18/14 @ 6:00am we headed to Animal Surgical Center of Michigan for a CT Scan and Surgical Consult from Orthopedic Specialist Dr. Denger. I got to help in ICU and stay with Joy while she underwent the procedure. We are in the recovery phase and I will update with the extent of her injuries soon.. Gina

RESULTS of CT: Joy needs ACL repairs on both back legs, she has a slight bulging in one of her disks on her spine that he didn’t think was much of a big deal, she has 3 fractures in her pelvis one of them is over the joint. She does not need surgery on her pelvis, but she does need two months of strict cage rest. Then, she will need TPLO (knee surgery) on both knees. She also has a Luxating Patella on the left knee and some arthritis in her lower spine. She has a good to fair prognosis for long term. We are going to need to raise about an additional $5000 to $7,000 to take care of all future needs. ~ gina joy:dr,dreger9.18:14 joyw::dr.dreger joyw:drdregerspecialist9:18:14 joyw:drdreger9:18:14 joyw:drdreger:::9:18:14

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