Let Us Clarify What 4 Paws 1 Heart is All About – Joy and Others

9/26/14 – Joy Update: According to the former owner, Joy was stolen twice during her first year of life. After the second theft, she was missing for two years until she was rescued after being hit by a car. For her safety and medical health, Joy has been transferred to a location where there are no other animals or children and where there is plenty of room for her to recover as she waits for her leg surgeries. We also want to make some points clear about how Joy’s medical condition became the responsibility of 4 Paws 1 Heart. From the time Joy was rescued, attempts were made to contact the owner once the microchip was found. This was done through the microchip company, Gina, and the State Trooper. When the owner of record was finally reached, he was advised of her condition and what had to be done to save her life, he put Joy at the forefront and surrendered her because, as he said, he could not afford the $3,000 plus medical bills which had already been spent to save her life. At that time, the prior owner could have claimed her after paying the medical bills, But, he thought it was in Joy’s best interest to surrender her. The fact was, as the former owner indicated, Joy had been missing for two years after being stolen twice. At no time did the owner indicate that he wanted anything other than what was best for her. He was also advised that future leg surgeries would cost well over $5,000. Again, he advised that he could not afford the future surgeries. Based on the former owner’s agreement to surrender Joy so that she could get the surgery needed and due to the fact that the owner of record had been contacted and the 7 day hold after notifying the owner had lapsed, ownership was transferred. We ask our supporters to understand that 4 Paws 1 Heart is NOT in the business of sheltering companion animals. We are not a rescue. We are there for abandoned/un-owned animals needing medical treatment. We do not adopt out animals; we collect no fees. All donations go directly to medical treatment. I do want to affirm that if because of legal action, Joy is returned to the former owner, all donors will be contacted and donations will be returned. We will also do whatever is needed to be compensated for dollars already spent and do everything possible included in the order that Joy receive the medical treatment she will need. Our commitment is to abandoned animals NOT owned animals. ~ diana

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