9/26/14  bengal-Jambi9:26:14Please share. The owner kicked him out because he was urinating outside of the litter box. We are concerned he may have an infection. As soon as he is caught, he will be brought to the veterinary. If anyone can help, please contact Denise Najera at ~ diana
Please say a little prayer Im able to catch this 7yr old Bengal boy. He was thrown out of his home where he lived all his life. Hes been abused, neglected, kicked and who knows what else by a very cruel owner. On top of that he’s been outside for a couple months and he’s front & back declawed! I just set a trap at the good samaritans condo where shes been feeding him right across the driveway from the abusers condo! When I get him he will be going to the vet to be checked out thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart. Then he will be needing a loving foster. If you would be able to foster this boy, please contact Diana at 4 Paws 1 Heart or myself. Thank you, please share! ~ diana
9/30/14 – Update:  There was some interest from experienced Bengal families as well as a Bengal rescue who insists that all cats be spayed before they are accepted but as yet, Jambi is still with Denise N.  He is doing very well and is becoming quite use to his new surroundings AND GUESS WHAT??  he has been using his litter box consistently. Again, please contact denise at   ~ diana
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