MARLO – For 10 Years He Was Loved and Cared For and Then His Owner Died

5/16/17 – My heart breaks when I look in his eyes. He was once loved and probably the center of someone’s universe but his owner died and he was left to die afterwards. 9/16/14 Here’s the story from Lisa Taylor, Animal Control Officer, who rescued him from the vacant home. ~ diana

“He’lisa taylorrescue10yearolds about 10. Half starved, very sweet – no, may more than half starved really. I’m afraid. He was left alone in a house for three weeks after the owners went to the hospital and died. I don’t think he got fed very much during that time, but there was dry cat food on some of the filthy carpeting so I feel like people might’ve just thrown food in there for him…or not. He has a large amount of loose skin on his underside and his spine is sticking way out on the top side.” ~ Lisa

Lisa is taking him to be examined this afternoon; paid for by 4p1h. This guy would be perfect in any home but if you have an elderly relative who would like a lot of love and gratitude in his/her life, this is the guy.

9/29/14 Marlo is now with our great friends at Ferndale Cat Shelter.  He is getting lots of love with his new foster and learning to trust again.  Because he went so long without proper nutrition, ha had had to visit the Emergency hospital a couple of times but we are all committed to making sure he has a much happier and healthier life. ~ diana



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