♡Joy Update♡ Unfortunately Joy was having a very bad day today:( She was very painful, and we think it’s because one of the fractures in her pelvis has shifted abnormally. We are waiting to hear from an orthopedic specialist who is going to review the x rays. Hopefully he can guide us in the next step as to the recommended procedure needed for Joy. Surgery is a strong possibility:( We will post as soon as we know more.. Even tho she was hurtin bad she was still sweet as ever giving kisses and trying to do lil tail waggs. We got her 3 chix sandwiches from Wendy’s during the ER shift and she LOVED it! She gets the last one for breakfast:) She was refusing her regular food earlier, so we had to try the good stuff!!..
I took some chix breast out of my freezer to cook for her tomorrow, and she might b up for some Walley’s custard tomorrow night! Gina

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