Remember, any home without at least three cats, is really not a home. lol Please share and let’s get some adopters lined up for these sweeties. ~ diana
“My 5 sweet little fosters! 4 1/2wks old. Litter trained, bottlefed, we are working on weaning. All will be vetted and available for adoption in about 3wks through4 Paws 1 Heart These angels were orphaned when their mama died when they were just a few days old. 4 Paws was contacted about these sweethearts and theyve been getting loved, cared for & spoiled ever since! If you are interested in adopting one of these babies, please contact me Thankyou 4Paws1Heart for all you do!” ` denise1185793_836862786337358_3098530895445628707_n 253288_836862656337371_3707890768036285303_n 10702008_836862756337361_6892478011865363393_n 10304498_836862556337381_6508623271534606681_n 10702008_836862756337361_6892478011865363393_n

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