Trap, Neuter, Release – Making A Difference

A testament to trap/neuter/release from one of our friends.  Just to clarify, in the process of TNR many kittens have been found and determined to be adoptable and thus found forever homes.  In other cases, many of the unaltered cats were at one time pets who were either lost or thrown out. ~ diana

“Good morning Diana! How is little Blitzen doing with her paw? I pray for her and that it can be saved. Do you realize that other then the 4 kittens I found in the rain (the ones that all died from fip) from my neighbors yard, there were no new kittens born in my neighborhood this year?!?! Thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart and the ones I got fixed before I met you (about 8 of them). Thank you for all your help in getting all these sweethearts spay and neutered. Its the first time in the 5 years I’ve been here that there weren’t at least 5-7 litters of kittens born on my street under decks! We’ve made amazing headway and have made a huge difference in my area preventing homeless animals giving birth to more homeless animals. Three of us on my street now have heated warming mats in shelters and heated feeding and water bowls. So the remaining ferals will all be warm and toasty and their water and food will not be frozen! Yay!!! The mats and bowls were all donated by the couple that adopted the one-eyed cat, Harriet. She is thriving and doing amazing! I’m so grateful and blessed to have gotten involved in rescue; it’s the most rewarding thing Ive ever done in my life. And I’ve met the most caring, giving people, yourself and Tony included! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and I hope I get a foster soon! Much love, Dee”

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