Mickey – She Lost an Eye as a Result of Abuse – She Now Needs a Home

3/7/16 – Please share and let’s find Mickey the perfect home. This sweet girl has been through a lot — not only a horrible foster experience which resulted in her going blind but she was recently adopted and then given up because she had tapeworms. Here is her story as given by her rescuer:

“Mickey is doing very well. Her stitches from her recent eye removal have been removed and she is healing beautifully.

Mickey is a 4 1/2 month old kitten. Who had a very hard start in life…. She was first rescued by our rescue (No Dogs Left Behind) and sent to a foster home where she was thrown in the basement to starve to death. When our rescue received this information we called the police department and quickly went over to rescue Mickey. After rushing Mickey to the vet, we found out Mickey’s chances of making it was very low. We nurtured Mickey back to health the very best we could. It was a very slow process. Due to a neglected upper respiratory infection, Mickey needed her left eye removed. Knowing the vet bills were going to be extremely high 4 paws 1 heart kindly stepped forward to pay for Mickey’s vet bills.

Mickey successfully went through surgery and is now healing very nicely. Mickey is completely blind but she is a very strong kitten who fought for her own life. We are very excited to see where Mickeys health is today and we are very proud of Mickey. Mickey is up-to-date on shots and has been spayed, she is great with other cats, dogs and children. She is completely litter box trained and acts like any other kitten should, She loves to play, and is definitely a lap cat, She also loves to sleep next to you at night, Mickey is a very affectionate kitten. If you are interested in Mickey you can contact 248-881-7924 you can also find us on our website athttp://www.adoptapet.com/no-dogs-left-behind/
and fill out an application. The facebook page ishttps://m.facebook.com/No-Dog-left-Behind-Rescue-477808208…/Mickey3:7:16

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