Jack – Update

3/7/16 – We’ve asked for your prayers for sweet Jack who was rescued from the streets with an upper respiratory infection so bad that he finally had to have his eye removed. Unfortunately, he’s been to the vet more times than any animal would want but now we are praying that he is finally on the road to recovery. Here is the latest report from Jack’s rescuer and mom, Kelly:

“Hi everyone, just a quick update on Jack, he got his stitches out today, he was a good boy when the Dr. Pulled them out. He is still having a few issues realizing he is no longer a feral and has his wild cat moments, but is learning from us and our older cats that he is in a safe, loving environment. Sometimes we wonder if someone did this to him, he acts scared of humans on occasion, but in time we are sure he will come around – Kelly”jackw:kellyParchertt3:3:16

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