Ali (aka Bentley) – Stuck in a Recliner at Just Days Old – Survived Many Surgeries

2/11/18 –

Ali aka Bentley.
I recently got an update from Bentley’s mom and this is what she said.
“I’ve never had a dog that hugged me so tight and loved me as much as Bent.. Skyy has always been my #1 but even she needs her space but not my boy. Honestly if he could live under my skin he would 💜🐶🖤🐶

I love these updates..and this is the rewarding part of what I do. Words cannot describe how happy this makes my heart..
Bentley had a very rough start for the first 6 months of his life. He was itty bitty when I got him and he needed leg bandages for several months. His accident happened at 3 days old and nearly severed off his rear leg…but with critical care, bottle feeding, and dedication he survived. ♡ Gina ♡

ali:bentleyali:bentley--2:11:18ali:bentley 2:11:18
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