Chance – Super Hero with an Important Message

9/8/18 – A beautiful message from our boy, Chance, on a cool September morning.

“Well Team, it’s that time again…time for all of us to get ready for nitenites. We’ll all get our treats, mom will give all a cuddle & kisses. We’re so lucky, all we know is love. It wasn’t always that way, every one of us were scared, alone & unloved at one time. But that’s all been replaced by unconditional love, full tummys & warm beds. If you see an animal or human needing your help, please dont turn your back on them….you may be their last hope! We’re all in this together, we have to take care of each other.
Sweet dreams Team, we love you!
Love, licks, purrs, woofs & mews Chance &
the Gang”chance 5:20:18

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