Gracie and Lucie – Left In the Cold Rain, in a Small Carrier, Next to the Garbage

gracie and lucie 12:10:18 gracie and lucie as found 12:10:18 carriers gracie+ lucie 1210:1812/11/18 – This story reminds me so very much of our Katniss Everdeen and how she was found in a carrier too small for her body, on a rainy, cold night, next to the garbage. A huge thanks to Chance’s mom, Denise, for rescuing these beautifies and our great friends, Marjorie and Martha for taking them in. They do need to find their forever home. It does take a village. ~ diana

“CHANCE: Ok Team, Here is the story of Gracie & Lucie. A few weeks ago mom was in the kitchen early in the morning getting her coffee. It was cold, windy and rainy…it had been raining all night. Star & Twinsie were out by the back step looking in wanting their breakfast, although now mom wonders if they weren’t trying to tell her something. Mom went out back in her nighty with their warmed food and sat it down. They started eating, but mom could still hear a kitty crying! She said “kitty kitty?” The crying got louder! Mom got the key to the gate and crept down the ally way calling kitty! Kitty! Finally there she saw them! Two kittys stuffed into a itty bitty blue carrier half the size of Carla’s purple one (see pic)! They were crying so loud, they were in the rain & freezing…and they were in someone’s yard next to their trash cans!!!! Mom grabbed the carrier, ran home, locked our gate, ran in the house and closed and locked the door. The kitties had pizza crust stuck through the front of the carrier. They were soaked with their own urine and rain and shaking with fear & cold. Mom set them up in a large crate and immediately reached out to Auntie Di at 4 Paws 1 Heart. Auntie Di was as shocked as mom and of course told mom whatever they needed 4 Paws would be there for them. Mom gave them both nice warm bubble baths, good food, flea meds…and then the panic set in that she had to get them into a safe home far away from “those” people. Well, Auntie Marjorie Treppa answered moms call for help right away! And her and Aunt Martha came and scooped them up and took them home. Today they are shiny, no longer thin & malnourished. They are flourishing at Aunt Martha’s house. And the horrible people? They have not been seen since a few days after the incident, we think they have moved out and abandoned the place. (Mom was worried about any retaliation because mom rescued those poor girls)
Arent they beautiful???? Aunt Marjorie feels they need to stay together, they are approx 6mo old and will get all their vetting on the 26th thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart. Then they will be ready for a loving family! If you think that family might be yours, please contact us or Aunt Marjorie at These sweet girls are located in Harper Woods.Thank you Aunt Marjorie, Aunt Martha & 4p1h for coming to the rescue of Gracie & Lucie who needed you so desperately! It takes a village, we are beyond blessed with the best Mom rescued them, but that was the easy part. Auntie Marjorie continues to rescue them everyday by fostering & nurturing them. Teaching them that not all humans are horrible and they will never be treated like that again.”

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